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Kuzu Group is Prioritizing the Promotion of Turkey

Kuzu Group Spradon
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Kuzu Group Executive Committee Member Özen Kuzu says that they find the opportunity to explain investment opportunities to foreign investors in Turkey, primarily in Istanbul. ‘Instead of introducing projects individually, promoting Istanbul and Turkey is more valuable,’ he said.

Kuzu Group Spradon

Kuzu Group, which is known for its Spradon brand housing projects in Turkey, is participating in the fair at the Housing Developers and Investors Organization (KONUTDER) stand, of which it is a member.  “We find the opportunity to explain to foreign investors the investment opportunities in Turkey and primarily in Istanbul. Also in urban transformation, we  turn the heads of international investors to Turkey with the occasion of this fair,” Kuzu Group Executive Committee Member Özen Kuzu said.

Kuzu said both the Turkish economy and the Turkish real estate sector have been rising stars in the world. “International surveys reveal this and again, in parallel with these surveys, Turkey is shown as a country to be invested in. But these investments have not really been made in Turkey yet. The MIPIM fair, which is the biggest real estate fair in the world, plays a very important role regarding the flow of foreign investments,” he said. “The fact that we are the country of honor this year is also very important regarding our effort to explain the investment opportunities in Turkey,” Kuzu added.

4,000 Houses have been Built

Describing the work of the Kuzu Group, Özen Kuzu said the company was one of the most important contractors in Turkey. “Since 1943 Kuzu has built mass housing projects, schools, hospitals, official buildings and sport facilities all around Turkey. It has become one of Turkey’s leading contractors with the over 6,000 employees it has recruited in the construction sector. Currently, Kuzu is also Turkey’s biggest wastewater treatment plant manager,” he said.

“It has constructed and turned over to the Housing Development Administration (TOKİ) more than 50,000 units of houses or apartments. It has also built several real estate projects in Turkey’s major cities, in what falls into the ‘luxury’ category. In projects with brand names such as Spradon, Park Vadi and Divan, it has handed over 3,000 luxury houses to its owners,” Kuzu added.

Kuzu Group Strategy Determined

Özen Kuzu explained their strategy as being to meet the growing need for housing in Turkey. “Due to both the growing population of our country and also because of past housing strategies, we are faced with a serious need for housing and renewal. As the housing gap increases, land development has emerged as a serious problem. Our strategy is first to take into account the facts of our country, and then cooperate with the state to utilize the land with property projects equipped with correct, functional and humane features,” he said.

“We will continue with the cooperation and harmony we have established with both TOKİ and Emlak Konut.”

Visit Kuzu Group’s website to find out more about their projects at www.kuzugrup.com

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