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Land Prices near the Dardanelles Doubled

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Tender planned for the beginning of 2016

Dardanelles Bridge
Dardanelles Bridge

While much progress has been made towards the completion of the two bridges, eyes have now been turned to the Dardanelles Bridge. It is expected that the tender for the Dardanelles Bridge will be held at the beginning of 2016.

The Sarıçay – Kilitbahir route, which was initially determined for this bridge, was later changed to Sütlüce (Gallipoli) – Şekerkaya (Lapseki), with the fear that it would damage the historic Gallipoli Peninsula. As a result of the studies, the new route has been determined as the village of Sütlüce, which is 7.5 kilometers to the south of the district of Gallipoli on the European side, to the Şekerkaya region, which is 2.5 kilometers to the south of the Lapseki district on the Anatolian side.

Villages under a tight rein

Gallipoli, Çanakkale
Gallipoli, Çanakkale

The bridge project to be built in Çanakkale has naturally created excitement in the Gallipoli and Lapseki regions. There has recently been a great deal of activity in Lapseki and the villages surrounding it. The villagers in the region have an expectation that their fields will gain in value. The region is faced with high interest by land investors.

On the other hand, Gallipoli, where the legs of the bridge will be built on the European side, is experiencing its golden age from the point of view of real estate investors. There is currently an explosion in demand for all types of real estate, in the district. This is also valid for the villages of Bolayır and Sütlüce within the region. It is stated that land prices in the village of Sütlüce have doubled when compared to last year. For instance, land, which was priced at between 800 to 4.500 TL per decare last year, has more than doubled in value, and is today being sold at between 1.900 TL to 9.500 TL. It is very difficult to find land for sale in the region at the moment, and those that are for sale are being quoted at high prices.

Gökköy has gained in value

One of the other villages among those closest to the region of Şekerkaya is Gökköy. The village is approximately 5 kilometers from Şekerkaya, and 4 kilometers from the two-lane main road between Çanakkale and Lapseki. Gökköy, which dates back 500 years, has 100 residences. The village has close to 5 thousand decares of agricultural land, and the residents make their living mostly from fruit and vegetables. Situated on a hill overlooking the Dardanelles, Gökköy is receiving great interest from investors, especially due to its views.

It is stated by the villagers that close to one thousand decares of land in the village has changed hands in around the last 10 years. The land in the village is quite valuable. In other words, it is being said that the current price of land, which had been sold for 4 TL per square meter, has risen to as high as 12 TL.

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