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Maslak 1453 to Compete with Istiklal Street

Maslak 1453 to Compete with Istiklal Street
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The first office block of the Maslak 1453 Project, which is being developed with the signature of Ağaoğlu, has been released for sale with a press conference. The details on the offices, which have been met with great interest by investors, and which will play host to select local and foreign brands, were conveyed.

Chairman Ali Ağaoğlu said, “Most of our residential properties have been completed. We are now trying to establish the high street concept. Our high street concept here will be longer than Istiklal Caddesi. We are planning to complete it after the 6th month.”

Istiklal Street, Istanbul Beyoğlu
Istiklal Street, Istanbul Beyoğlu

We are continuing the principle of profiting together with our investors

Ali Ağaoğlu, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ağaoğlu Group of Companies, who stated that Maslak would hold quite an important position in commerce, both for Turkey and the world said, “We are releasing our first offices for sale. We are continuing our principle of profiting together with our investors. Our offices appeal to both our individual investors and our clients which are comprised of small and medium sized commercial companies.”

Maslak 1453

Maslak 1453 offices will pay for themselves in 10 years

Ağaoğlu, who stated that they were not considering wholesale sales, but that they may consider selling Block F, the other office unit comprised of three twin towers, to more corporate clients at a later date, said, “With the appeal of the Maslak region, the offices purchased by our investors will pay for themselves in approximately 10 years, with their rental income.”

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