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The only residential property project in the Maslak – Seyrantepe – Ayazağa triangle for many years was the Mashattan project of Taşyapı. Later, Ağaoğlu, Avrupa Konutları, Tahincioğlu, Nurol GYO, Bay Yapı, Eroğlu and Seba also arrived. Gül Proje will also begin in the near future. Giant residential projects have now come to the fore in Maslak, which was an office region for many years. Maslak 1453 on its own will play host to 20 thousand people.


Maslak: The hub for white collar working class

Maslak, the most important office region of Istanbul, has been playing host to hundreds of local and foreign companies and tens of thousands of white collar workers, for 25 years. Until just 2-3 years ago, there were not many alternatives in the form of luxury residential properties for those working in the skyscrapers in the region, as well as at the Istanbul Technical University, the War Academies and even Levent – the region of plazas, which is just 5 minutes away. Together with the new residential property projects, which have been brought to life in Maslak, Seyrantepe and Ayazağa – Cendere, more than 10 thousand luxury residences have been delivered right next to the plazas in the last 3 years.

Luxury residence projects such as Ağaoğlu My Home Maslak, Vadistanbul, 42 Maslak, Ağaoğlu 1453, Eclipse, Maslak Spine Tower, have been completed in quick succession, after Mashattan, which had remained the only project for many years, while completions are also close at Skyland, Nurollife and Nidapark Seyrantepe.

How many units are there in which projects?

Maslak 1453: 4600 residential, 500 commercial units

Mashattan: 1800 residential properties

My Home Maslak: 780 residential properties + mini shopping area

42 Maslak: 442 luxury residences, 14 penthouses, 10-storey hotel + 44 sqm offices

Vadistanbul: 1111 residential properties

Vadistanbul Park: 762 residential properties, 100 thousand sqm offices, 20 thousand sqm home-offices, 22 thousand sqm outlets

Skyland: 830 luxury residences, 504 offices, 90 thousand sqm shopping center, 300 room hotel

Seba Boulevard: 188 offices, 13 stores, 3 restaurants

Eclipse Maslak: 550 residential properties, 83 offices

Nidapark Seyrantepe: 368 residential properties

NurolLife: 502 residential properties, 50 offices, 2 outlets

Spine: 80 residential properties + office floors + shopping area

Green Pine Ayazağa: 470 residential properties

The square meter prices of the residential properties are recently in the 3-8 thousand dollar range

MASLAK was not able to provide many alternatives in terms of residential properties, until 2-3 years ago. The tide has now turned, together with the projects which have been completed in the last 2 years. The location of the project and the views from the apartment play a determining role in the prices of the second-hand properties in the luxury residence projects.

Maslak sqm prices expected to go up

Selami Arpacı, broker at RE/MAX Abc
Selami Arpacı, broker at RE/MAX Abc

Selami Arpacı, broker at RE/MAX Abc, said, “There was a very large demand for Maslak 1453, which began at launch prices of 4-5 thousand TL per square meter. Today, average prices are 10-11 thousand TL – that is around 3500 dollars. This can exceed 4 thousand dollars on the higher floors, where there is a view of the Bosphorus. The upper floors of some of the luxury residences positioned among the plazas reach 7-8 thousand dollars per square meter. Maslak 1453 is both just 2 minutes from the plazas and neighbors the forest. The potential for profit at Maslak 1453 continues.”

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