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Mavera Başakşehir | A Residential Project for Families

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The Mavera Başakşehir project is being developed by Makro İnşaat (Construction) in Istanbul, Başakşehir. The property project is situated right in the center of Kiptaş Phase 1 and Phase 2, for which the first foundations of the Başakşehir region were laid in 1995, and is located directly opposite the largest medical campus to be constructed in Europe. It is 1.5 km from the largest Town Square in Turkey, which is to become the new center of Başakşehir and house public buildings as well.

Mavera Başakşehir projectThose buying properties at Mavera Başakşehir project will also be given natural timber American walnut coated furniture doors as well as a cloak room and large closet. They are also being presented with a set of embedded white goods (Oven, cooker, extractor, microwave oven, dishwasher), from Living Kitchen Italian Kitchen Design, under the brand ‘Miele’, which is acknowledged as being one of the best white goods brands in the world. In short, with its acrylic worktop, dressing rooms, and laundry and ironing rooms, Mavera Başakşehir project possesses furnishings beyond other well-known housing projects. The privileges at Mavera Başakşehir project are not limited only to the goods used in the properties. The residential project offers a detached lifestyle with two apartments and two elevators on each storey; and each apartment has two indoor, private car parking spaces with electronic entry system as standard, as well as apartment approved complex entry and unproblematic complex security.

The social facilities at Mavera Başakşehir project are also quite pretentious. There are two adult and two children’s swimming pools in the project which can be used 365 days of the year. There are also two spas, fitness centers and saunas, an outdoor cinema, cafe restaurant, a multi-purpose hall, male and female prayer rooms, private lounges for the use of residents where they can host guests, and a large number of activity areas. There is a crèche for children, and sports and games rooms for youngsters at Mavera Başakşehir project, which is also ambitious with its landscaping. The specially designed landscaping area consists of six waterfalls, a wi-fi park, fruit gardens, and fully-grown themed trees and plants. The project offers residents the chance to experience the blue and green colors nested within each other.

The night time design of the property project has also been prepared by an expert design team. As well as special lighting effects at the waterfalls and lakes, those to be installed in the landscaping and other areas make Mavera Başakşehir  into something exceeding even a theme park. It will be possible to see this specially designed landscape area from the lounge and kitchen and the wide balconies of all of the apartments.

Mavera Başakşehir also possesses a technological infrastructure beyond that of a standard smart home. For the first time in Turkey, Living Lab ICT (Information Technology) system will be implemented here. Due to the Living Lab ICT system, for which the Başakşehir Municipality is continuing its substructure work, residents will receive Android tablets containing special software, and will be able to reach their Family Practitioner, send purchase orders to the supermarket, and track lessons from home in the event their children become sick and are unable to go to school.

Mavera Başakşehir project in figures:

Total number of apartments: 274

Total number of commercial units: 70

Price Range: 437 thousand – 1 million 613 thousand TRY

Choice of apartments: 3 bed, 4 bed, 5 bed and 8 bed + 2 lounge.

The Mavera Başakşehir project is being built in partnership between Makro İnşaat and the Municipality of Başakşehir.

For more information about Mavera Başakşehir, visit www.maverabasaksehir.com

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