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Mega Project Brings Yalova to the Fore

Mega project Yalova
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Selim Cebiroğlu, the Governor of Yalova
Selim Cebiroğlu, the Governor of Yalova

Stating that 60 percent of the surface area of Yalova is officially forestry land, Selim Cebiroğlu, the Governor of Yalova said, “This land is first class forestry land. The living areas of those residing in Istanbul will most probably be here due to the fact that it will be possible to reach Yalova from Istanbul in 5-8 minutes. Otherwise, it takes 60 minutes to reach Yalova from Istanbul using the ferry route from Eskihisar to Topçular. What’s more, those wishing to get to Yalova from Yenikapı need to set aside 1,5 hours. However, the bridge will reduce the time needed. Residents of Istanbul wanting to take advantage of the charms and natural air of Yalova will be here in 8 minutes. The oxygen levels here are very high. It is somewhere unique for those wishing to relax and rest. Those wishing to spend the weekend in Yalova will be able to get here very easily. ”

Cebiroğlu pointed out that Yalova is also a very important place for investments, and added that numerous companies and businessmen were looking for space in the city for investments in the fields of tourism, industry and residential property, and that they were in discussions on these matters.

Yalova to be the center of investments in the next 20 years.

Cebiroğlu, who stated that certain companies had purchased land here, said, “One company bought 3 thousand decares of land. Four companies will come together and set up an organized industrial zone here. We have a reclaimed area of land which is an organized industrial zone. There are also two organized industrial zones in the field of horticulture, one in the field of mould making, and one where automobile parts are manufactured. Most of these will become operational in 2017, at the latest. The star of Yalova is shining. Yalova will be the center of investments in the next 20 years.”

Yalova, Istanbul
Yalova, Istanbul

Cebiroğlu, who stated that the city was drawing attention from both local and foreign investors in terms of tourism investments, said, “A large number of tourists are coming to the district of thermal, both from within the country and abroad. Investors are also continuing their investments in the region. Many companies have already purchased land in Yalova, and there are also many companies continuing to purchase land here. Private enterprise will purchase land here and establish organized industrial zones. Four companies are coming to the city to invest here.”

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