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Mesa Çamlıca project villa
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MESA is rising on a 42,500-square-meter area in Çamlıca, Istanbul’s most elite living area. MESA Çamlıca project is a few kilometers away from the Bosphorus Bridge, Şile Road, Kadıköy and Üsküdar districts, boasting a historic and natural atmosphere, as well as a panoramic Istanbul view. MESA officials said the project is a horizontal one that is in harmony with the area’s structure and fabric and have given further information about it.

115 Residential units

Mesa Çamlıca project residenceThe luxury project includes 5 detached villas and 20 residency blocks with two or three stories. The villas, which are in limited numbers cover an area of 950-square meters. The large and comfortable living spaces in the villas can also be seen in MESA Çamlıca’s other residences. Apartments with 3+1 rooms in two- and three-story buildings are designed with the size of a 244.95-square-meter area, while the 4+1 room apartments have a 268.3-square-meter area. MESA Çamlıca has 115 units in total, including 4+1 duplex houses, some of which are 326.85 square meters in size, while others are 328.4 square meters in size. The great attraction to and expectations for this special real estate project have been reflected on the sales, which started before the launching of the project, said the MESA officials.

80 percent of Mesa Çamlıca is green

The MESA officials also gave more information about the Çamlıca project’s social fields. “Eighty percent of the field is planned to be social facility and a green area. A total area of 33,000 square meters of green are is allocated. Many facilities, such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a fitness center, apparatus gymnastics, sauna and multipurpose game room will be located on the 800-square-meter area to meet the needs of the residents of MESA Çamlıca,” said the officials. “Vehicle traffic will be completely underground for the project, where technology, quality and security will be the top priorities. There will be no traffic on the ground except for emergency situations and vehicles will be taken underground in the entrance of the residential site directly to their residences in MESA Çamlıca.

Mesa Çamlıca project website: www.mesacamlica.com

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