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Metropark Project by Teknik Yapı in Halkalı

Metropark Project Second Profit Opportunity
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Teknik Yapı (construction) Metropark project has been released for sale in the Halkalı region. Prices at the Teknik Yapı Metropark project which is the first of a series of property projects to be developed on the European side of Istanbul start from 95 thousand TL. Teknik Yapı have reflected the competitive price also on the financing of the homes and the deposit and payment due dates. The real estate development company is also offering properties with 5 per cent deposit and interest-free loans in the Metropark project which is comprised of 1.272 apartments.

Nazmi Durbakayım Teknik Yapı Metropark projectNazmi Durbakayım, the chairman of the board of directors of Teknik Yapı, who gave the opening speech of the press conference, said, “By building a civilian housing project in place of the Bahariye carpet factory we had built in Halkalı in 1982, we are undertaking another assault towards urban transformation.” Durbakayım stated that Teknik Yapı Metropark project, which will be approximately 350 million TRY in terms of turnover, has been designed as a property project both for living and for investment, for those seeking a prosperous future.

Teknik Yapı sets out on its European Expedition with Metropark project

Teknik Yapı logo bigNazmi Durbakayım stated that Teknik Yapı Metropark project would be comprised of apartments, luxury residences, home office and commercial units, and said, “We are going to set off with competitive prices which meet the expectations of our customers who wish to buy for investment purposes. We are going to Halkalı in order to compete.” He further stated that the project would begin in May 2013 and end in November 2015.

The Halkalı metro station is situated right next to Teknik Yapı Metropark project while Ataturk Airport is 10 km away from the development.

Special Competitive Prices for the Launch of Metropark Project

Metropark project by Teknik Yapı, which comes to the forefront with its competitive prices, is launching with special prices starting from 95 thousand TRY. While the starting prices of 1 bedroom apartments, which constitute half of the apartments is 133 thousand 100 TRY, 2 beds start from 227 thousand TRY. For those preferring larger apartments, 3 beds start from 318 thousand 100, and 4 beds from 466 thousand 800 TRY.

Teknik Yapı Metropark projectThe Teknik Yapı Metropark project, which provides every service to the apartment owners through its social units and residential services, opens the doors to a comfortable and relaxed lifestyle. It is comprised of 1.272 residential and 30 commercial units. The 30 commercial units within the project will be offered for sale at a later date. There will be 6 vertical and 6 horizontal blocks within the Teknik Yapı Metropark project, with two of the blocks being 38 and 36 floors, and the other four 25 floors each. Two of the towers will be completely styled as home offices. The other apartments will be built for residential purposes only.

Alternatives in the financing of the apartment and number of instalments

Those who have paid a 5 per cent deposit within the scope of the campaign will pay a further 5 per cent each in the following 6, 12, 18 and 24 months as interim payments. Those who have paid 25 per cent deposit can take advantage of interest-free mortgage credit for up to 12 months, and those who have paid 50 per cent deposit will be offered up to 24 months interest-free credit.

Need to Enjoy Life..

There will be a fitness center, Turkish bath, sauna, steam room, massage rooms, adult and children’s swimming pools, a half-size basketball pitch, children’s parks, and walking and running tracks at Teknik Yapı Metropark project.

Handicapped ramps within the approximately 1.450 capacity car parks and the social facilities will also offer the possibility of ‘Life without Handicaps.’ The technical security which will be deployed both within and outside the buildings will ensure in particular that entries to buildings are made through doors requiring pass codes.

Information about Metropark project can be found at www.teknikyapimetropark.com

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