Metropark Project Second Profit Opportunity

Commercial and home office units at Teknik Yapı Metropark, where life has begun, have been released for sale with advantageous launch prices.

The second opportunity to profit is emerging at the Metropark project, where those who have bought apartments have obtained more than 100% profit. The 16 commercial units at Teknik Yapı Metropark have gone on display with as first sales price advantage.

Teknik Yapı Metropark project

There are a total of 1.412 luxury residences at Teknik Yapı Metropark. Umut Durbakayım, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Teknik Yapı, who stated that the commercial units had been released for sale at competitive prices, just like the luxury residences, said, “We will be implementing the low price policy in the commercial units, in the same way as on the day we released the apartments in the project for sale, in order that our clients who take action early can achieve high profits.”

Umut Durbakayım stated that the prices of the commercial units, which have been released for sale, and which range from 41,80 to 1.919,6 square meters in size, start at 395 thousand Liras, and said that there were stores suited to every budget and every type of activity. Umut Durbakayım added that Home Office apartments were also on sale at 2015 prices as well as the commercial units.

Stores or independent commercial units

The commercial units which have been released for sale are in two separate groups. The independent commercial units are comprised of 6 separate blocks, and awaiting their buyers as 3-storey buildings. There are also 9 commercial units ranging from 41,80 – 202,12 square meters underneath the luxury residence block. Many of the commercial units have areas they can use at the front and basement floors / car park areas.

Metropark project Umut Durbakayım
Umut Durbakayım, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Teknik Yapı

The commercial units are under the same roof in a manner whereby they can serve numerous service and commercial areas from office buildings to cafeteria and banking services to delicatessens.

The commercial units with ready-made customers and easy transport access will ensure swift and good profits for their investors. The commercial units at the Metropark project, where close to 4 thousand people will be living by the end of 2016 and 5 thousand by the end of 2017, will appeal to both the residents in the project and the region as a whole.

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