Minister’s Statement for Urban Transformation

Minister of Environment and Urbanization Mr. Murat Kurum made statements about urban transformation and zero waste project

Murat Kurum minister of environment and urbanism
Murat Kurum minister of environment and urbanism

Minister Kurum stated that “In the past, high buildings were needed, but today they do not want high buildings that disrupt the skyline of cities. Approximately 550 thousand houses have been transformed since 2012 when the urban transformation law was published. Today, 5-5.5 million houses need to be transformed. It reaches 7.5 million structures in 2025. We must transform them as soon as possible”

We will not allow the construction of high buildings

Kurum also added that, “We tell the mayors that we don’t want high-rise buildings. We’re going to check this, and at this point, we’re not gonna let a tall building be built.”


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