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Spine Tower | MIPIM 2014 Best Turkish Project

Spine Tower Istanbul MIPIM 2014 Best Turkish Project
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Spine Tower Istanbul has received the Best Turkish Project Award at MIPIM 2014 Fair.

Spine offers all sweeps of the Bosphorus which connect the Marmara Sea with the Black Sea, the dark green shade of Belgrade Forests and the renovated city with a scenic from Levent to Pera with a visual angle up to 360 degrees to the individuals who prefer to work at Maslak, the new center of Istanbul and rising asset of the business world.

Spine Tower Istanbul MIPIM 2014 Best Turkish Project

Ascending in the last quarter of the last century, Maslak is recognized as a center where the hearth of business and life world not only in Istanbul but throughout the world. This triangle shaped zone surrounded by main arteries on both sides and by forest on one side also support such dynamic life by virtue of its forest, parks, cafes and restaurants and sports areas while accommodating energy and dynamism.

The Podium comprising of 9 Basement floors contain

• Parking garage and technical spaces up to initial 6 floors,
• Support units + offices at the 3rd basement floor,
• Meeting hall + offices at the 2nd basement floor,
• Market and shops + offices at the 1st basement floor.

57-storey high rise tower covering an indoor area of 138.000 m2 in total contains

• A deluxe restaurant in addition to the welcoming and lobby sections of the Office and Residence sections at the basement floor.
• In addition to the technical spaces at the Podium, technical installation spaces are available at the 15th and 29th floors.
• The office floors starting from the 1st floor of the tower continues up to 28th floor.
• The pool and fitness area located at the 30th floor serves to the owners of the residences which continue up to 47th floor.

Spine Tower Istanbul10 – 3 floor podium section covering an area of total 21.000 m2 contains

  • Office areas covering an area of gross 16.000 m2 29
  • Office floors covering approximately 1260 m2 floor area and the following for supporting the offices;

• Meeting rooms
• Market
• Food court areas
• Private Banking-Vault services.

Spine Tower website: www.spine-tower.com

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