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Monthly Fees at Istanbul Luxury Residential Projects

Monthly Fees at Istanbul Luxury Residential Projects
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Those wanting to buy or rent properties are now preferring complexes. Real estate experts state that contribution fees have reached the same amount as rents in some complexes, the cheapest contribution fee in Istanbul reaching almost 300 Liras. The experts say that the matter of contribution fees has started to become a disadvantage when selling properties in branded projects. There are almost no new properties where the contribution fees – not including the cost of heating – are less than 300 Liras. This figure reaches 2 thousand 500 Liras in the city center or in properties with gardens. Contributions have become a nightmare for both homeowners and tenants who are being faced with bitter surprises as the management plans are not looked at.

The most expensive contribution per square meter in Istanbul is 18.83 TL in Şişli

Şişli, Istanbul
Şişli, Istanbul

According to the study on the ‘Contribution Values in Residential Projects’, which was conducted by the research company Reidin, the residential project with the highest residential value is on the European side with 18.83 TL. The maximum monthly contribution fee for a 100 square meter property has exceeded 1800 Liras in Istanbul and 1600 Liras in Ankara. When the average contribution values per square meter in the districts of Istanbul were looked at, the results of the study are as follows: Silivri has the lowest value with 1 Lira per square meter while Şişli, which has the highest contribution value with 18.83 liras, has the highest average contribution value with 6.43 TL.

Çiftçi Towers

It has been announced that the contribution for a 3 bedroom apartment at Çiftçi Towers in Zincirlikuyu, comprised of two 45 storey blocks, will be 1000 dollars. There are 288 apartments in the project, which also has a helicopter landing strip.

Zorlu Center

The rent of a 300 square meter apartment at Zorlu is 10 thousand dollars, while its contribution fee is 1000 dollars.

Zorlu Center Residence
Zorlu Center Residence


The contribution for a 2 bedroom apartment at the complex in Etiler is 1100 TL, while for a 5 bedroom apartment it is 2 thousand 500 TL. The complex has an indoor swimming pool, sports center and tennis court.

Akmerkez Residence

The contribution for a 1 bedroom apartment at Akmerkez is 1300 TL, while a 4 bedroom apartment costs 2500 TL.

Akmerkez Residence, Etiler
Akmerkez Residence, Etiler

Ağaoğlu Projects

The contribution fees at all Ağaoğlu projects range from 217 TL to 253 TL. Security, cleaning and use of the common areas are included in this fee. There is also a membership system in order to benefit from My Club.

Polat Tower

Contributions at Polat Tower in Fulya are 2000 TL, while membership of the sporting facilities is 1000 dollars a year.

Nezih Towers

The contribution fees at Nezih Towers in Ataköy range from 400 to 600 TL. All social facilities are included in this fee.


Contribution fees at the Mashattan project in Maslak range from 400 to 1050 TL.

Alkent 2000

The Alkent 2000 complex on the shores of Büyükçekmece Lake is comprised of three phases. The contribution fees for the homes start at 750 TL and go up to 2 thousand 800 TL.

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