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Nish Adalar (Islands) | Move in June with 1% Down Payment

Nish Adalar campaign
Nova Property

Delivery time is closing in for the Nish Adalar project being constructed in Süreyyapaşa. Following the release of Nish Adalar Panorama that has drawn the most interest of the project to be completed in June, an alluring campaign has been kicked off.

The sales campaign initiated with the project’s Panorama phase continue with a down payment of 1% and an option of crediting up to 120 months.

Nish Adalar campaign

“We have exceeded expectations”

Expressing that they are contented with the demand,  Özyazıcı construction executive board member, Hakan Özyazıcı said that they expect the sales will be completed soon, adding “We are getting close to finishing our Nish Adalar project in Süreyyapaşa and have sold a large part of the apartments. We have now put the Nish Adalar Panorama up for sale.”

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