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Nef to be in Britain and Germany too

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Nef, one of the locomotive companies of the real estate sector, will produce projects with an investment value of 4.1 billion liras in 2016. Being the first company which reached the billion lira level in terms of turnover in the real estate sector in Turkey, Nef is aiming to close 2015 with a profit of 1.3 billion liras.

Nef logoNef growing fast

Nef, which achieved sales of 74 million liras in 2010, and has maintained a fast trend of growth since then, reached 1 billion 202 million liras for the year as of 24 December 2015. These figures are the equivalent of 75 percent growth per year from the date Nef was established in 2010.

Close to 3 thousand in 5 years

Nef has also increased its square meter prices by 13,8 percent every year, while the number of units sold over the 5 years has risen by 57,6 percent. Having sold 271 independent units in 2010, it has achieved a great success reaching sales of 2 thousand 632 units in 2015.

Nef to establish a real estate investment fund

Nef, which received 19 awards in 2015, will be undertaking significant investments in the USA with Magellan. Entering into 500 million dollars worth of agreements in two years with Amstar, the company is preparing to set up a real estate investment fund. The size of the fund will be 250 million dollars.

Leader in terms of asset size

Obtaining the highest asset size with 1,6 billion liras in 2014, it is aiming to increase this figure to 3 billion liras by the end of 2015. The company, which also made two long term security issues for 175 million liras in 2015, will undertake salient investments in the coming period. Aiming to undertake new investments in the USA, together with the New York project, Nef is also receiving interest from Germany and Britain.

Projects which will make their mark on 2016

Nef will build a project comprised of 3 blocks in Haliç – Sütlüce, in 2016. It will also be building a new summer property project in Bodrum – Yalıkavak along with two new projects – larger than 100 thousand square meters – on the European side of Istanbul. The real estate projects which will be built by the company in 2016 will have an investment size of 4.1 billion liras.

Will build 3 thousand properties in Beykoz

Nef, which will launch its Beykoz project in 2017, will remain there until 2020. The company, which has so far reached a land stock of 250 thousand square meters, either by purchasing or agreements, will build around 3 thousand properties in the area.

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