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New Branded Property Projects Rising in Istanbul

Istanbul new property projects
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New property projects are going up all around Istanbul. The real estate sector entered 2013 at full speed with its residential and office projects, and new ones are now getting ready to meet their prospective buyers.

Branded property projects on the European side

Tema Istanbul project

Tema Istanbul project, being built in Halkalı, under the partnership of Artaş, Öztaş, Mesa and Kantur, is comprised of a total of 3 thousand 610 apartments. There are various types of apartment within the project, from 1 beds to 4 beds. There are a large number of social facilities in the project, which also includes the Tema Mall Shopping Center, Tema Plaza and the Tema World Entertainment Center.

BeyoğluLook project

BeyoğluLook projectBeyoğluLook, which will be built on Piyalepaşa street (close to Taksim), under the partnership between Nar Yatırım (investment) and As Yapı, consists of offices and studios of varying sizes between 40 to 1000 square meters. The project is comprised of 114 independent units in total, 95 of which are offices and 19 of which are outlets; and is expected to be completed in March 2015.

Kalekent project

Kalekent projectKalekent housing project, which is being developed in partnership on a 100 thousand square meter area of land in Beylikdüzü by Gül İnşaat (construction), Liv Yapı and 3S Kale, will contain 1471 apartments and 32 outlets. The prices have been determined from a minimum of 106 thousand TL to a maximum of 565 thousand TL. The project will be completed in 2015.

Bakırköy 46 project

Bakırköy 46 project of Ağaoğlu İnşaat (construction), is comprised of 8 blocks of 22 floors each. There will be a total of 1227 homes, including studios, 1 beds, 2 beds, 3 beds, 4 beds, 4,5 beds, 5,5 beds and 7 bed apartments, and 4,5 bed duplexes. Ağaoğlu Bakırköy 46 project is scheduled for completion in 24 months, and will be built on an area of 46 thousand 500 square meters.

Nef Merter 12 – Nef Kağıthane 03

Nef has released two real estate projects, with a total value of 620 million TL for sale in Kağıthane and Merter. There are a total of 562 homes at Nef Merter 12. The sizes of the apartments range from 53 to 135 square meters. NEF Kağıthane 03, which is located on Cendere street, is comprised of 335 homes, 143 offices and 12 outlets.

West Wall Marina project

The luxury villa project is being built by Batı Duvarı İnşaat (construction), on a 62 thousand square meter estate, in Beylikdüzü. The sizes of the villas range from 353 to 815 square meters. All villas will have their own private  and independent gardens ranging between 500 to 1000 square meters. A marina with a capacity for 800 boats is also part of the project.

Panorama Koç Life

The Kılıçoğlu Group has stepped into Sarıyer with its new company, Senatör Gayrimenkul (real estate). In the Koç Life project, the apartments will be delivered as fully-furnished as well as with a full set of white goods. The property project, which is being developed with the 50 million TL investment undertaken by Senatör Gayrimenkul, which is one of the companies of the Group, neighbors Koç University in Sarıyer. Panorama Koç Life project is comprised of a total of 304 homes and 24 outlets in 6 blocks, with preliminary demand already having reached 30 per cent.

MNG Residence

Following the MNG Blue Boutique project, which it continues to develop in Istanbul Halkalı, MNG Holding has also introduced MNG Residence, the biggest project in Erzurum. MNG Residence is comprised of 460 homes in 3 blocks, with all apartments being either 3 or 4 bedrooms. The sizes of the apartments at MNG Residence range from 158 to 210 square meters, with 3 beds starting from 320 thousand TL.

Branded property projects on the Anatolian side

Helenium Garden

Helenium Garden project, being built by Başarır İnşaat (construction) in Pendik Kurtköy, is comprised of a total of 280 homes on an area of 40 thousand square meters of land. The sizes of the homes range between 40 to 153 square meters, and they are scheduled to be completed in December 2014. The residential project will also contain a swimming pool, sports areas, botanic garden and play areas.

Q Bahçe (garden) project

Q Bahçe project is being developed by Erguvan İnşaat (construction) on a 15 thousand square Q Bahçe Kurtköymeter area of land in Kurtköy, and is comprised of 3 blocks, containing 20 on bedroom, 43 two bedroom, 6 three bedroom and 24 detached villas. The sizes of the homes range from 65 to 170 square meters, and scheduled date for completion is December 2014. The residential project also includes a fitness center, running track, cafeteria, barbecue area, children’s play area, outdoor pool, sauna and indoor car park.

Sancaktepe Ev’re project

Ev’re project, being developed by Gedizler Yapı in Sancaktepe, is comprised of a total of 408 homes in 4 blocks. The property project consists of studios, 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes, ranging in size between 45 to 198 square meters.

G Marin project

G Marin project at Darıca Bayramoğlu is being brought to life by the partnership of Mar Yapı and G Marin BayramoğluDivan. G Marin is being built on a 35 thousand square meter area of land. The project, which is comprised of a total of 556 homes in two phases, consists of studios, 1,2 and 3 bedrooms apartments and duplexes. The square meter prices for the project range from 1800 – 2500 TL. The completions of the first phase will be in October 2013.

There are property projects which have yet to be promoted as well as those which have just been released for sale. Some of these being awaited with keen interest are as follows:

TEM 2 project

Following its 3 thousand 100 home TEM project, Artaş Group is now set to begin another project in the same area. The TEM 2 project is being developed based on a “revenue sharing” basis with Emlak Konut GYO (REIT).

Midtown Suites Bomonti

The Midtown Suites Bomonti project is the prestigious project of Yenigün İnşaat (construction) in Bomonti, Istanbul.

Now Bomonti project

The project being built by Now Gayrimenkul (real estate) in Bomonti will consist of homes, offices and a shopping area, all in one place.

Metsan Nexus project

Metsan Nexus, the mixed project being developed by the company Metsan in Kartal, carries the signature of Daniel Libeskind.

Mavera, Başakşehir project

The Mavera Sarayları (palaces), the new and upper end project of Makro İnşaat (construction), following its Mavera Başakşehir project.

Bizim Evler 6 project

İhlas Yapı, which has built 3 thousand 500 homes in Ispartakule have now pressed the button to set off on their new property project, Bizim Evler 6. Preliminary sales have begun in the project which is comprised of 1200 homes and 60 outlets.

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