New Era for Turkish Title Deeds

According to the study of the Title and Cadastre General Directorate, individuals who have been left an inheritance from their father or relatives will no longer need to wait months for the ruling of the Inheritance and Succession Committee.

All records going back from today to 1 March 1957 – that is 59 years – are being examined for any sale according to the Inheritance and Succession Legislation. And this causes the time taken to increase.

title-deed-turkeyAn amendment has been requested to the legislation on the matter, enabling an individual who has been left an immovable property as an inheritance by a deceased relative, to carry out the procedures at the title office immediately. It will again be the revenue office which will sever the previous connections, but when an individual goes to the tile office, he or she will be able to carry out the procedures. The revenue office will be notified afterwards.

The second regulation being passed in connection with titles is directed at widening the scope of the electronic attachment orders application. Work is being carried out to widen the application used for the sequestration of motorized vehicles to include real estate as well.

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