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Next Level Çayyolu Project Ankara

Next Level Çayyolu Project Ankara
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Pasifik İnşaat (construction), the innovative real estate company of Turkey, is putting its name to a new Next Level at the very center of Çayyolu, the most prestigious residential property region of Ankara. Next Level Çayyolu will add value to Ankara with the guarantee and quality of Pasifik İnşaat and the perception of design, extraordinary architecture and fine details of Next Level. The real estate project is comprised of 429 residential properties and six outlets, which are congenial to every taste. Next Level Çayyolu, where the total land area is 42 thousand 184 square meters and the total construction area is 166 thousand square meters, is being brought to life with an investment of 500 million TL. The construction of Next Level Çayyolu began in March 2016, and is due to be completed in the final quarter of 2018.

next level cayyolu ankara

Fatih Erdoğan, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pasifik İnşaat, said that they had designed not only a residential property project, but a life, where all the details had been considered.

Lifestyle congenial to all tastes, with 92 different types of properties

Fatih Erdoğan stated that there were 92 different types of properties among the 429 residential properties at Next Level Çayyolu, and said that the project housed different living areas within itself. Fatih Erdoğan pointed out that there were numerous different types of properties at Next Level Çayyolu – including villas, lofts, penthouses and numerous different types of apartments – and said, “With different types of architecture, we are offering alternatives from 3 beds to 7,5 beds plus 2 living rooms, with lifestyles congenial to every taste, and everyone from young couples to families with children, and from those who like wide and spacious living areas to those who attach importance to functionality.”

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Natural living space which lets you breathe within the city

Faith Erdoğan also stated that one of the biggest pleasures at Next Level Çayyolu would be the 5 thousand square meter grass area in the center of the project, said that the walking tracks, picnic areas, outdoor cinema and relaxation areas would add value to the project. Fatih Erdoğan pointed out that the project presented a natural living area which would allow residents to breathe within the city, by blending with the 101 decares of forests and 191 decare Çayyolu Recreation Valley.


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