Number of Properties Sold to Foreigners in Trabzon Monthly

Suat Hacısalihoğlu, the president of the Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TTSO), said that sales of residential properties to foreign nationals in Trabzon had risen to over 300 a month in recent periods.

In a speech during the opening of the Property and Construction Exhibition, Hacısalihoğlu stated that as a result of this high level of progress in property activities in the city, they had decided that it would be appropriate to organize an exhibition.

Trabzon is among the most habitable cities in the world

suat hacisalihogluHacısalihoğlu stated that the exhibition had been brought to life as a result of the work carried out, and said, “I would like to thank both the stand holders and the participants. This is the first time such an exhibition is being organized. No one knew as yet what would happen, but if there is something we do know, it is that the average monthly sales of residential properties in Trabzon is above one thousand.” Hacısalihoğlu also pointed out that according to TUIK data, the sales of residential properties to foreign nationals was at very good levels, and said, “Sales of residential properties to foreign nationals in Trabzon has risen to over 300 in the recent months. It is pleasing that foreigners – primarily those from the Gulf states – are choosing our region. That is because this area is relaxing and peaceful in every way. Trabzon is among the habitable cities in the world.”

Hacısalihoğlu, who stated that the exhibition would continue much more extensively in the coming years, said that he believed that sales would increase through the presentations made at the exhibition. He drew attention to the support given by companies to the first exhibition, and said as follows:

“We believe that they will get returns for it. This is not just an exhibition related to those who work in the fields of property or construction in Trabzon. At the same time, it is also very important for people from the same profession who work in the Gulf states. That is because everyone who is involved in property and construction here has connections in that region. Therefore, we can say that it is not directed just towards Trabzon, but also towards the Gulf states.”

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