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Nurol GYO Completed its First Green Building, Nurol Tower

Nurol Tower
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Nurol GYO (REIT) has completed Nurol Tower, which is also a candidate for the LEED Green Building Certificate

Nurol TowerNurol REIT, a strong organization within the real estate sector, which has brought select projects to Istanbul, has put its name to a very important innovation, by completing its first green building. Nurol Tower, which is the first project completed by Nurol REIT, in Mecidiyeköy, the heart of Istanbul, brings together home and office services with the comfort of a luxury residence, in a single structure.

Nurol Tower is also a candidate for the LEED Green Building Certificate, the most trusted assessment of the world in the fields of water and energy savings, with the high efficiency it has achieved in these areas. Samim Hatipoğlu, the Managing Director of Nurol REIT, stated that the number of green buildings, which are environmentally friendly and ensure savings, needed to increase, and said, “We are aiming to increase social awareness and set an example for the sector, by leading the way in this respect.”

The privileges of Nurol Tower, which add value to Istanbul

Hatipoğlu, who also described the other privileges of Nurol Tower, which add value to the city and to life, spoke as follows:

“Nurol Tower, which is rising opposite the new Courthouse, and at a location neighboring Çağlayan Square, comes to the fore with its transport alternatives. Its position with an aspect on the E5, the ability to reach the ring road and Bosphorus bridge connections momentarily, and its close proximity to the metro and metrobus stops, will provide an important advantage in respect of transport.

It will be possible to reach the Çağlayan stop in just 1 minute from Nurol Tower, which is situated on the Kabataş – Bağcılar metro line, which the Metropolitan Municipality is aiming to complete in 5 years. Nurol Tower will be among the most prestigious offices for the business world in particular, with the office services it offers, as well as its captivating view of Istanbul. The ‘Tower Offices’, ‘Summit Floors’ and whole storey ‘Central Offices’ in the base section of Nurol Tower have been designed with meticulous work to the finest detail, before being offered.

Nurol Tower

Nurol Tower is making life easier with its shopping area, outlets, restaurants and cafeteria. The Concierge Services within Nurol Tower think of everything, and produce solutions to all needs and requests with just a single telephone call. The Sky lounge, which is on the 149 meter high roof of Nurol Tower, has a unique panoramic view of Istanbul. It will be possible to hold invitations and celebrations for special days, in the Sky Lounge section of Nurol Tower, which has a 360 degree view of Istanbul.

There will be 321 independent units in Nurol Tower – with 270 of these being home offices, 50 offices and 15 stores and outlets on the shopping floor. The sizes of these units range from 73 to 193 square meters, with ceiling heights of 4 meters. We believe that it is bringing a project, which is distinctive in every way, to Istanbul, and adding value to the city.”

Carrying investment to the summit

Nurol Tower, which is situated at the most valuable location of Istanbul, is also carrying the expectation of investment to the summit. Nurol Tower provides never ending profits in real estate, the most important vehicle for investment, offers an investment opportunity which will last for generations, where even your grandchildren will benefit.


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