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Nurol Life Aslantepe | New Property Project Neighboring Galatasaray Stadium

Nurol Life Aslantepe project
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Nurol GYO (REIT) has released for sale its new property project, the 502 home Nurol Life Aslantepe, which neighbors the TT Arena, the stadium of Galatasaray. The project overlooks the stadium after the 18th storey, and this feature is underlined. The project, which will be completed in 2017, will cost 250 million dollars.

The height of the project is 252 meters, with square meter prices ranging from 2 thousand 800 to 6 thousand dollars. Musa Aykaç, the Managing Director of Nurol YO, said that they would be marketing the project to Galatasaray supporters with the statement, “You may not yet have a box, but you could own a luxury residence next to the stadium.”


Musa Aykaç stated that they had purchased the license for the land where the project will be located prior to the change in the VAT legislation in 2012, and therefore that the VAT rate here would be 1 percent. Aykaç also stated that they would be able to sell in Turkish Liras to those who do not want to take on a foreign exchange risk. Aykaç stated that they had not used the stadium in the Aslantepe part of the name of the project, and said, “This is not a name we have taken from the stadium, it is the official postal address of the region.” Aykaç stated that the complete project would contain close to 30 elevators, and said, “There are buildings today which have been defined as luxury residences, but where people do not want to go down to have lunch, because the wait for the elevator is just too long. We will eliminate this issue.”


Nurol Life Aslantepe projectNurol Life Aslantepe project has been designed by the architect Hakan Kıran, and will be comprised of a tower block with 502 homes as well as an additional horizontal building with 50 offices. The project is scheduled to be completed in the first quarter of 2017. The residences in the tower block will range from studios to 4 bedroom apartments, and 62 to 294 square meters in size. Musa Aykaç stated that the ceiling heights of the apartments in the project would be 4 meters, and that they would thus be creating a spacious living area, and said, “There will be three types of offices in the commercial area of our project – single storey, duplex and triplex.”


The new property project belonging to Nurol GYO is right next to the TT Arena Stadium. The matches taking place in the stadium will be able to be seen from the 18th storey upwards of the 50 storey project. The company is especially emphasizing the feature of being a neighbor to the stadium in the advertising campaign it has prepared directed at Galatasaray supporters who are devoted to football.

Find more information about Nurol Life Aslantepe project at www.nurollife.com

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