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Nurol Park Güneşli: A New Blended Project from Nurol REIT

Nurol Park project
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Nurol REIT has introduced its Nurol Park project, which is a mixed use project in the Güneşli region of Istanbul, with the slogan ‘Life Wants to Become Green’. The Nurol Park project is to be built on an area of 55.000 m², and will consist of a total of 1.118 homes, almost 70 street outlets and 20.000 m² of land comprised of an office block and a hotel. There will be 154 luxury residences, 84 loft apartments and 880 tower apartments at Nurol Park. The project will consist of different alternatives of properties which are suited to all tastes and needs, from 1 beds to 4 beds.

Nurol Park project has been released for sale with launch prices starting from 2.900 TL per square meter. The project is planned to be completed together with all of its functions in the first quarter of 2016.

Nurol Park project: A Valley of Life in Güneşli

Nurol Park project GüneşliIn the speech he made at a press conference, Musa Aykaç, the Managing Director of Nurol REIT, stated that they had designed Nurol Park project as a ‘Valley of Life’ where lives would become green, bear fruit and take root. Aykaç stated that modern living and nature would be together in the same place at Nurol Park, and said, “We can see that communication has become weaker due to heavier conditions of living and some of the realities of modern life. Therefore, at our Nurol Park project, we are aiming in particular to bring back to life the intimate and communicative neighbourhood fabric of the past. Nurol Park project, which is a completely original one, will contain social areas, yards, and terrace areas.”

Beyoğlu Tünel (Tunnel) was a Source of Inspiration for Güneşli

Aykaç, who pointed out that Nurol Park is a wealthy project with its housing area, office block and outdoor areas, gave the following information:

“We have designed Nurol Park as a project which is removed from the logic of an enclosed complex, but where communication from the surrounding areas do not become detached. Nurol Park will also be an area of attraction for the region where it is located. We are creating a neighbourhood fabric where the use of the street and the surroundings is at a maximum. In this way, we are creating an organisation which is both secure and at the same time integrated with the fabric of the region. We have designed the streets between the housing blocks which we have named ‘Loft’ as an area of shopping and cafes. We have been inspired here from the traditional street life in the Tünel (tunnel) area of Beyoğlu. In the office blocks, we have designed places which will offer staff the opportunity to have their lunches in a green area, similar to that of London’s Canary Wharf.

Aykaç, who stated that they had situated housing in the right hand section of the project, and commercial areas on the left, said, “There is a difference in elevation of 7 meters between the upper and lower platforms of Nurol Park project. All of the housing blocks on the upper level open to a yard. The lower level is comprised of commercial areas. In this way, we are creating an architectural and social structure which are in dialogue with each other, within our project.”

Güneşli is becoming more valuable with Nurol Park project

Aykaç stated that the Nurol Park project which is to be built in Güneşli will increase the value of the region, and said, “The region which has been shown amongst the potential financial sector areas has become an important business area with its proximity to the airport and its location on the main transport axes. The proximity of Güneşli to large industrial regions such as İkitelli, Çatalca and Çorlu places it in a more privileged location for commercial life.”

Nurol Park projectAykaç emphasised the attractiveness of the area as a residential one as well as its ease of access, and stated that international investments had also gravitated towards the region due to the presence of residential and hotel projects which have increased in particular in the last few years. Aykaç stated that a serious urban transformation had been carried out in the Güneşli region, and said, “We believe that we too have put our signature to the future from today with our Nurol Park project.”

Easy Access Advantage

Due to its location, Nurol Park project offers many alternatives to residents in the Istanbul traffic. The project is situated on the Basın Ekspres Road in between the TEM and E5 main roads. It is 6 km from the E5 and 3 km from the TEM, with a distance of 7,5 km from Atatürk Airport, as well as being just 230 meters from the Evren stop of the planned metro line.

Loft, Luxury Residence and Tower Apartments

There are 84 loft apartments in two 7 storey blocks in the Nurol Park project which has been designed to meet the different expectations and needs of metropolitan life. The lofts, which provide a spacious living area with a ceiling height of 3,20 meters, offer various alternatives of homes from 2, 3 and 4 bedroom properties. The lofts range from 113 m2 to 191 m2.

There are a total of 154 luxury residences at Nurol Park project with alternatives of 1 and 2 bedrooms. The luxury residence block possesses 13 storeys, and will also offer a concierge service. The luxury residences range from 54 m2 to 83 m2.

The tower apartments at Nurol Park project are spread among 4 blocks of 10 and 31 storeys. There are a total of 880 tower apartments with alternatives of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms. The tower apartments range from 74 m2 to 204 m2 in size.

Park Shopping Area in the traditions of the neighbourhood

Nurol Park Çarşı entranceAs well as special residential areas for the residents of Nurol Park project, there will also be approximately 70 street outlets, cafeteria and restaurants which are also open to visitors. The area known as Park Çarşı, which keeps the old neighborhood traditions alive, will consist of outlets which are able to meet all types of needs – from butcher’s to greengrocer’s. There will also be an amphitheater at Nurol Park project.

A Healthy Living Area

Nurol Park project residents will be able to take advantage of the fitness center which is in walking distance from all of the blocks, in any way they desire. The fitness center will contain an indoor swimming pool which is open throughout the year, and a sunbathing terrace.

More detailed information about the project can be reached at www.nurolpark.com.tr

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