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One Tower Project on Display at Esenboğa Airport Stand

One Tower project Ankara
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One Tower, the blended project, which has started to be built in the Oran region of Ankara is comprised of 48 storeys, and is 185 meters tall. The mixed property project is being introduced at the stand opened at Esenboğa Airport.

One Tower project AnkaraOne Tower project, which is being developed by ITO Yatırım (Investment), established in partnership by Özçelik – İmaj – Tan, has 30 thousand square meters of leasable areas, with a shopping center on 5 storeys and 306 luxury residences. The stand which displays a giant 270 centimeter model of One Tower is receiving great interest from passengers.

Passengers, who are visiting the stand and obtaining information about the project from the giant model state that they like the location of One Tower project as well as its features. Stand visitors have stated that one of the impressive aspects of One Tower is the capability it presents for overseeing Ankara from its highest point, and commented such as, “Everyone wants to be a home owner in Oran. It must be nice to look over Eymir, Mogan, Elmadağ and the magnificent view of Ankara as if you are on a 360 degree virtual tour.”

One Tower project at Esenboğa AirportVisitors stated that One Tower project is one step ahead of other property tower projects due to its smart home features, social facilities, and its being a candidate environmentally friendly structure for the LEED certificate as well as the services to be offered.

The stand at the domestic departures terminal of Esenboğa Airport will remain open every day from 07:30 in the morning to 23.00 in the evening, for six months.

Get more information about One Tower project at onetower.com.tr

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