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Opportunities for Emlak Konut REIC Clients

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Emlak Konut has started a new campaign for its customers who previously bought houses from Emlak Konut GYO (REIC) projects.

The campaign covers buyers who have previously purchased an independent section (house or commercial unit) from Emlak Konut and whose payments are paid to Emlak Konut.

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The following opportunities are implemented within the campaign

Opportunity 1 – Special discount offer
Opportunity 2 – Full or partial payment
Opportunity 3 – Ease of return from CPI (consumer price index) to fixed installment

Buyers who buy independent units will be discounted over the rates determined for each independent section in case the cash balance is paid in whole or in part after the installment payment is made in the campaign period. For the remaining amount, the same number of installments as the contract are restructured.

The application will be made from the Emlak Konut website

Customers must enter the Emlak Konut web system to learn the discount rate and payment figure set for them.

One of the most important details of this campaign is the fact that the CPI system can be transferred to a fixed payment system.

The campaign will continue until 31 May 2019.

The campaign is valid for all Emlak Konut projects including Tual Bahçekent, Ayazma Emlak Konut, Avrupark, Emlak Konut Ispartakule, etc.

The steps to be followed for the Campaign Application are as follows:

STEP 1 – Entering online transactions menu to make the application at the Emlak Konut Corporate web site


STEP 2 – Paying debt in whole or in part

STEP 3 – Sending petitions from the website of the campaign to Emlak Konut.

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