Ordu’s Eyes on Gulf Share

Ordu Mayor Enver Yılmaz
Ordu Mayor Enver Yılmaz

has stated that they had seen the impact of taking part in MIPIM, one of the most important real estate exhibitions in the world, and that they would be taking part in next year’s exhibition in a much stronger manner.

After completing the infrastructure investments of the city and the expectations of its residents, the Metropolitan Municipality of Ordu is speeding up its activities to attract tourists to the city. Tourists from the Gulf have a deep love for the geography of the Black Sea region in particular, and their numbers have been increasing at pace wince the building of the airport. The municipality is developing models to increase the numbers of tourists from the Gulf even further. It will also build holiday resorts with the large roomed houses adored by tourists from the Gulf. Yılmaz said,

We are aiming to play host to 1 million tourists every year with our investments, after 2017. These will mostly be from the Gulf, but there is also great interest here from Europe.

Bungalow houses in Ordu holiday resorts

Yılmaz stated that there had been a 44 percent increase in the number of tourists since the opening of the Ordu – Giresun Airport, and that land prices had also increased in value at the same rate. Yılmaz said, “7 million Liras has been quoted in the tender to build a hotel on a half decare of land near the Municipality building. If the Airport had not been built, we would not have been able to sell it, let alone get 7 million for it.”

Yılmaz pointed out that the number of tourists coming to the region from the Gulf region in particular had been increasing at significant levels every year, but said that the number of beds was insufficient and that they were aiming to build holiday resorts containing large bungalow type houses, which are more suited to Arab tourists. Yılmaz said, 35 houses are being built in Çambaşı. Every Arab tourist that comes to Turkey spends an average of 3 thousand dollars. We need to get our share of this.”

ordu city

Projects have sped up

Yılmaz also described the progress they had made in the new projects they had developed, and said, “We are opening the Çambaşı Winter Sports and Skiing Center next year. There will be an investment of 800 million Liras. We are also expecting to begin the Ünye Harbor project in 2017. The tender has been held for the Melet Stream project, and 1 kilometer of it has started. A residential center will be established surrounding Melet Stream, which divides the city into two. We are also establishing a ‘Chocolate Park’ next to the Airport. We will set up boutique chocolate production units with this project, in which we have invested 14 million Liras.”

Tourists will play golf in Ordu

İrfan Balkanlıoğlu, the Mayor of Ordu, stated that despite the fact that Ordu stands out with its natural charms, it was having difficulty attracting tourists due to a lack of presentation, and said, “Whatever there is in terms of beauty in the Black Sea, there is plenty of all of it in Ordu. So, we thought, why are people not coming? It is because they are unaware of it. We invited 80 journalists from the Gulf to Ordu. There were even those that came from Morocco, Tunisia and Northern Iraq. We met with tour operators. Everyone that came was filled with admiration. There were news articles in the Middle Eastern press, saying that ‘the city of Ordu is a garden among the gardens of heaven’.” Balkanlıoğlu, who stated that people from the Middle East bought properties in Turkey because they saw Turkey as a safe port, said, “We are holding discussions with an investor from Madinah and he is eager. He is planning a golf course, old age care and rehabilitation center and a tourism facility investment in Ordu.”

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