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Osmangazi Bridge has been Opened

Osmangazi Bridge has been Opened
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Osmangazi Bridge, which will reduce the distance between Istanbul to Izmir to 3.5 hours and is deemed to be the most important crossing point of the Gebze – Orhangazi – Izmir highway project, has been officially opened with the ceremony attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım.

Free pass throughout Eid

Erdoğan, who was the first to cross the bridge in his own self-driven vehicle, also gave the good news that the Osmangazi Bridge would be free of charge throughout the Eid holiday. While a large part of the Cabinet also took their places at the ceremony, Edi Rama, the Prime minister of Albania, was also present.

osmangazi bridge izmit bay

The bridge possesses a tower height of 252 meters and decking width of 35.93 meters and has been planned as 2 thousand 682 meters in total, while it is said to be the bridge with the fourth largest center span in the world with its center span of 1550 meters. There will be 6 lanes on the bridge – 3 in each direction. The bridge will also contain a service lane.

1 hour travel reduced to 6 minutes

When it is completed in full, the Osmangazi Bridge will reduce the time it takes to cross the bay – currently 2 hours round the gulf or 1 hour by ferryboat – to just 6 minutes on average. When the link roads and other sections of the project also go into operation it is expected that the road from Istanbul – which currently takes 8-10 hours – will fall to 3.5 hours, ensuring 650 million dollars of fuel savings a year. The bridge has been built with an investment of 1.1 billion dollars.

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