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Ottoman – Seljuk Architecture Once Again in Beyoğlu

Ottoman Seljuk architecture
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Ottoman Seljuk architectureThe Ministry for the Environment and Urbanization will construct the Hacıhüsrev quarter in the district of Beyoğlu, Istanbul, which has been announced as a risky area within the scope of the urban transformation project, with Ottoman and Seljuk architecture. The region will contain a large square and a water tank with a fountain, and as in Topkapı Palace, the upper parts of the buildings will be designed in the shape of triangular towers.

While the Ministry is continuing the tearing down of properties within the scope of the urban transformation project which is going to shape the future of Turkey, it has also started design work for the new settlements which are to be developed. The approval stage has been reached for the urban design of 86 thousand 383 square meters of land in Hacıhüsrev Quarter, where there is a concentration of slums announced as risky by a resolution of the Cabinet.

Ottoman Seljuk architectureThe Ministry has taken into account the instigations of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and will take pains to implement Ottoman and Seljuk architecture in the design of new settlements. These details have also been included in the design of Hacıhüsrev Quarter. The architecture will use extracts from Topkapı Palace, which is one of the symbolic constituents of Istanbul. The region, which will be comprised of a large square and a water tank with a fountain will contain buildings whose top sections are designed as triangular towers as in Topkapı Palace.  Inspiration will be taken from Ottoman and Seljuk architecture and large canopies will also be used.

Street arrangements are also being undertaken with care within the design, and there have been large areas set aside for parks and green areas. The region will also house commercial centres and social facilities, and a standard has been brought to lighting and signboards as part of the environmental arrangement. The aim is to keep alive the historical identity of Beyoğlu with the modern buildings which are to be constructed in this way. The Ministry will keep measurements such as the concentration of structures and the height of buildings low in the new cities it will establish in order not to damage the historical silhouette of Istanbul.