Palladium Tower Zero Interest Rate

Constructed in Ataşehir, Istanbul as consisting solely of offices by Tahincioğlu Gayrimenkul, Palladium Tower is made up of a single block with the ground floor + 42 floors.

Palladium Tower Zero Interest Rate
Palladium Tower is in a central location in Ataşehir

Scheduled for completion in December, 2014 and constructed using a modular system, Palladium Tower offers offices which are characterized for being combinable.

The smallest office at Palladium Tower has been designed to be 180 sq m and the largest 274 sq m. 7 percent discount is provided for purchases of an entire floor at Palladium Tower, where the prices start at 895 thousand USD.

Making a down-payment is not required as part of the sale process in the project. The price of the available office is converted to the Turkish Lira based on the exchange rate applied on the specific date.

Some notable amenities available in the Palladium Tower project are electrical vehicle charging units, dry cleaning, health services, sports center, storage areas, lobby and help desk, back office, VIP lounge, valet parking service, open and closed restaurants as well as cafes.

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