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Pega Kartal: A Project by Egeyapı in Partnership with Arabs

Pega Kartal by EgeYapı
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İnanç Kabadayı, Chairman of the Board of EgeYapı Group, which implements Batışehir, one of the largest projects of Turkey in cooperation with Emlak Konut GYO, announced that they achieved a turnover of 315 million TRY through real estate development and building projects in the year 2012.

İnanç Kabadayı added that the company has been successful enough to sell all the flats in the first lap and 50 percent of the flats in the second lap of Batışehir project, which was launched for sale in Bağcılar nearly one and a half years ago, as well as 40 percent of Batışehir Premium consisting of residences and offices, which they launched for sale a few months ago.

Pega Kartal: A Joint Project with Arabs

İnanç Kabadayı remarked that the Pega Kartal in Kartal was a joint project with the Gulf capital and added that it was being developed on the land of the company İz Yatırım (investment), which was established in Turkey by the largest construction materials supplier of Saudi Arabia.

Pega Kartal by EgeYapı

Stating that they implemented a revenue sharing model there, Kabadayı expressed that new project efforts were underway in the Basın Express line, Kağıthane and Sarıyer on the European side of Istanbul.

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