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Pega Kartal | Joint Investment by EgeYapı and Al-Qemam Holding

Pega Kartal by EgeYapı Al-Quemam
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EgeYapı Group is to start building Pega Kartal, its new mixed use property project which is to rise on the Anatolian side of Istanbul.

İnanç Kabadayı, Chairman of the Board of EgeYapı introduced Pega Kartal, the new mixed use project it would start building in Kartal – the new center of attraction of the Anatolian side of Istanbul – during a press conference organized at Çırağan Palace on 20, March, 2013, Wednesday with the participation of Bünyamin Derman, the project architect and İbrahim Maasfeh, the CEO of Al-Qemam Holding.

İnanç Kabadayı, Chairman of the Board of EgeYapı said: “We are pleased to implement one of the first projects in Turkey with the involvement of a Gulf Capital in the Pega Kartal project.”

Pega Kartal to Attract Attention of other International Capital Groups

İnanç Kabadayı said: “The stability achieved by Turkey in both political and economic fields has brought about a rising interest in the real estate sector in our country by the international investors as in many other sectors. The investors from the Gulf region, who are expected not only to revitalize the real estate sector, but also provide contribution to the Turkish economy, have begun to see the opportunities in a growing and developing Turkey, hence come to our country for investment. Despite the number of investments made and realized still not being at the desired level, we are pleased to implement one of the first projects in Turkey in partnership with the Gulf capital in the Pega Kartal project. The success to be achieved by Pega Kartal will attract the attention of other international capital groups, thereby further increasing the interest of investors in our country. Thus, the real estate sector, which uses local input at a rate of 95 percent, will have a direct, positive effect on the current deficit that is termed to be the Achilles’ heel of our economy.”

Pega Kartal by EgeYapı Al-QuemamPega Kartal will house flats in the configurations ranging from 1+1 to 4+1 offered to investors at prices starting at 2 thousand 977 TRY per sqm, while the surface areas of offices will range between 72 and 702 sqm. The project will be delivered as of the year 2015.

Pega Kartal project will be made up of two blocks with the 32-floor residence housing 200 residential units and the 5-floor office block housing 28 home offices and 11 stores on a construction area of 40 thousand sqm and an investment of 80 million TRY; it will also have a view of the Marmara Sea and the Prince Islands.

Kabadayı explained that they thought about everything down to the smallest detail and focused on all potential needs of investors, be it a residence or an office at Pega Kartal, in adding that “At Pega Kartal, several amenities will be on offer ranging from the lobby lounge, which will offer an almost-five-star hotel service as well as a concierge that will serve 7/24. We are dreaming of a social life at Pega Kartal, which will be equipped with an open swimming pool, fitness health center, steam room, sauna and Turkish bath, playgrounds for children and sports areas”.

İbrahim Maasfeh, CEO of Al Qemam Holding Turkey CEO and General Manager of Akzirve Gayrimenkul Yatırım said: “Pega Kartal project will be our first investment in Turkey; we shall continue our investments with EgeYapı Group”.

Talking about their investment in Pega Kartal project and their activities in Turkey,  İbrahim Maasfeh, CEO of Al-Qemam Holding Turkey said: “As a group with headquarters in Saudi Arabia, we have investments in Europe, the UK and Spain. Additionally, we have completed our process of establishment in Turkey. We act in many fields with real estate ranking the first and we shift our entire focus in these fields to Turkey. While establishing our business in Turkey, we conducted research on the real estate sector. We have preferred EgeYapı Group on account of its culture, values, professionalism and corporate organization. Pega Kartal project will be one of our most significant investments in Turkey. We shall continue our investments with EgeYapı Group. We believe that there will be a paramount interest in Kartal, a candidate to become one of the most attractive districts of the great metropolis of Istanbul”.

Pega Kartal, the mixed use project by EgeYapı Group on the Anatolian Side, will be made of two different blocks being the residence and office on a construction area of 40 thousand sqm overlooking the Prince Islands and the Sea of Marmara with an investment of 80 million TRY. In the 32-floor block of residences, there will be 200 flats in the configurations of 1+1 starting at 64 sqm and 4+1 and duplex flats starting at 204 sqm. The prices of the flats will start at 212 thousand TRY and range up to 1 million 173 thousand TRY. The office block will house 11 stores and 32 home offices. Aspiring to become the solution partner of the business world, Pega Kartal will offer the investors the possibility to have home offices in 7 different types ranging from 72 sqm to 702 sqm.

Pega Kartal also offers ‘Ease of Access’ in terms of Transportation

Pega Kartal has many advantages over traffic, which is one of the biggest troubles in Istanbul, in terms of its location. In this context, the project is located at a couple of minutes’ walking distance from Kadıköy-Kartal Metro line, right next to D-100 roadway, 5 minutes from Kartal coastal road and 15 minutes from Sabiha Gökçen Airport, the second gate of Istanbul opening up to the world.

To find out more about Pega Kartal, visit pegakartal.com

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