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Premier Kampus Ofis Project Released for Sale

Premier Kampus Ofis project by FerYapı
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FerYapı is bringing to life the first campus office project of Turkey. The Premier Kampus Ofis project (Campus Office), which is to be developed on 20 decares of land in Kağıthane with an investment in excess of 150 million TRY, will be the new trend of the business world with its concept which includes all of the social facilities.

Premier Kampus Ofis project by FerYapıPremier Kampus Ofis was introduced with a press conference held at the Four Seasons Hotel on Friday, 26 April. The conference was attended by Ramadan Kumova, member of the Board of Directors of FerYapı, as well as Şükrü Çelik, member of the Board of Directors of Çelikler Limited Company, and Julien De Smedt, the architect of the project.

The ‘Campus Office’ concept is known to be the choice of the most valuable companies in the world, with the inclusion of all social facilities on site, aimed at increasing the motivation and efficiency of personnel.

Premier Kampus Ofis project is being Established at the New Center of Business World

In the business world, campus offices are taking the place of the customary partitioned and closed offices. Instead of vertical buildings, campus offices are comprised of horizontal buildings with fewer floors and contain large green areas which provide the feeling of being in a park. Premier Kampus Ofis was designed by Julien De Smedt, one of the most important architects in the world.

The commercial project, which is located on 20 decares of land in Kağıthane, one of the new centers of the business world in Istanbul, is comprised of small offices ranging from 40 to 300 square meters due to the modules being able to be joined together and separated, and medium sized offices of between 800 to one thousand square meters. However much space you need, and whatever type of office you want, the solution is Premier Kampus Ofis. It even has a solution for those seeking a head office with its own lobby, private entrance and area of 10 thousand square meters. All of the offices on the storeys of the project, as well as the duplex offices on the upper floors with their 5 thousand 600 square meter terracing, have a view over the magnificent Sadabad (recreational area in Kağıthane), which will change the way you look at work.

Unlimited Facilities of Premier Kampus Ofis project

Premier Kampus Ofis project offers unlimited facilities such as a pocket cinema and seminar rooms, party room and hobby rooms, meeting rooms, wi-fi everywhere, secretarial and cleaning services, IT services, technical service, fitness, squash, pilates, basketball, relaxation and performance pools, spa, sauna, medical room, and steam room. It also has outlets, cafeteria and restaurants ranging from 25 to 1500 square meters. The project is being developed by FerYapı together with Çelikler Limited Company based on the system of turnover sharing.

Life at Premier Kampus Ofis project

The 6 thousand square meter ‘Campus Square’ has a large number of outlets in one place, including gourmet restaurants, cafeteria, bank branches and showrooms while the Campus Garden brings color to life at Premier Kampus Ofis project with its green areas and varied social activities including the canteen, fit shop, break room, and outdoor work areas.

Stock Offices for Entrepreneurs who want to Grow

Premier Kampus Ofis also makes things easier for entrepreneurs who have a small office but are looking to expand with its stock office areas. Office owners who require office space on a temporary basis are able to rent desks / space in this area. All types of support and assistance services are available in the stock office area.

Sales prices per square meter at Premier Kampus Ofis project will start from 2.970 dollars.

To learn more about this brand new investment opportunity, visit www.premierkampusofis.com

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