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President Erdoğan’s Emphasis on Urban Transformation

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President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan put emphasis on Urban Transformation at his speech at the Urban Transformation and Smart Cities Convention, which was held at the Haliç Convention Center

Urban Transformation in the Regions where the Operations are ongoing

Erdoğan, who stated that the cities where the operations are continuing would be cleared not just of terrorists but also of the negative conditions which enable their movement, through urban transformation, said, “The duty of the state is not only to reconstruct the buildings, but also the hearts. We need to strengthen the trust, loyalty and belief held by our citizens in their state.”

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We are progressing urban transformation from being just a project

Erdoğan, who also made an assessment on the urban transformation activities, said:

Esenler, Istanbul
Esenler, Istanbul

“We will hopefully have progressed a little further following the urban transformation activities, which were conducted within the framework of preparations for natural disasters. On this note, I would like to share some good news with the residents of Istanbul – in particular with friends living in Esenler – as an example, in your presence. We had started work for urban transformation in the Havaalanı neighborhood of Esenler, on 5 October 2012. The work in this neighborhood has been completed. Hopefully, the keys will be handed over to the rightful owners next month. 2 thousand 373 residential properties and 55 places of business have been built in this region.”

President Erdoğan, who said, “We are progressing urban transformation from being just a project and a dream, and turning it into reality”, made the following assessment: “I wish all the best for the rightful owners of these residential properties and places of business. Of course, in our country there are more than 6 million residential properties which need to be demolished and rebuilt within this framework. At the moment 179 areas in 48 of our cities has been declared to be risky areas and taken within the scope of urban transformation. Additionally, an area totaling 37 thousand 782 decares in 21 cities has been determined as a reserve building area.”

Canal Istanbul

Canal Istanbul ProjectPresident Erdoğan also put emphasis on Canal Istanbul in his speech. He put across his determination with respect to Canal Istanbul with the words, “Canal Istanbul will happen. We will build Canal Istanbul. We will build it no matter what anyone says.”

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