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Property Price up Five Fold in Esenler

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The work carried out under the leadership of the municipality in Esenler, which is one of the districts where urban transformation is being felt the most, is playing an important role in the district gaining a new face.

The district has a population of close to 500 thousand. At the outset, the target was to transform 100 thousand properties in the district, and there has already been a significant achievement, with the transformation of 25 thousand properties having been undertaken. The impact of this fast transformation is showing itself through an increase in the prices of real estate in the district in particular. While there have been significant rises in prices together with the start of the transformation, it is being said that prices have actually increased 5 fold.

Tevfik Göksü, the Mayor of Esenler, stated that they have started a large transformation assault
Tevfik Göksu, the Mayor of Esenler

Tevfik Göksu, the Mayor of Esenler, stated that they have started a large transformation assault, and said that there would be no properties left untransformed in the district by 2023. Tevfik Göksu emphasized that they aimed to transform 100 thousand properties in the district, and said, “We have transformed 25 thousand of the 100 thousand properties. 75 thousand more will be transformed. 50 thousand of these will be transformed with the city park project, while we will renew the other 25 thousand with the on location transformation model.

Tevfik Göksu, who stated that they were managing all of the processes in urban transformation, said, We are performing the transformation in a coordinated fashion together with the Ministry for the Environment and Urbanization, TOKI, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, and ourselves, as the Municipality of Esenler.

We Confer with the Residents and we Carry out all of the Organization

Tevfik Göksu stated that urban transformation was generally associated with problems, but that despite having carried out a large number of transformations in the region, they had not been faced with any problems, and said, “What is important here is to convince the residents. Satisfaction levels are at 95 percent.

The satisfaction rate of those living in Esenler in 2010 was 62 percent. This has risen to 95 percent in the latest survey. The problems are being eliminated because the buildings have begun to be transformed and residents have moved into their new homes.

Location of Esenler in Istanbul
Location of Esenler in Istanbul

We do not Have Even One Court Case

Tevfik Göksu, who emphasized that they had approached urban transformation in its social, cultural and physical dimensions in Esenler, said, “We are undertaking these at the same time, in synchronization with each other.

If one of them is missing then it becomes an unnatural change and troubles may appear.” Tevfik Göksu underlined that urban transformation is an issue of the whole country, and said, “The biggest problem of transformation is politics. All parties are aware that the stock of buildings is problematic. However, there is manipulation, even though residents face the risk of death. We are trying to protect people from earthquakes and keep them alive by carrying out the transformation.” Tevfik Göksu recalled that he had said that prices in Esenler would increase together with urban transformation, and stated that a property which was valued at 100 thousand Liras at that time, was now being sold for 500 thousand Liras. Tevfik Göksu argued that prices would rise to 1 million Liras in 5 years time, and said, “Property makes good profits for its investors.”

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