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Property Projects in Emlak Konut’s Historic Campaign

Property Projects Joining Emlak Konut's Historic Campaign


Emlak Konut GYO continues to support both those who have bought properties and those who will buy them, for the future of the country.

Emlak Konut GYO has presented 2 campaigns

First of all, a new campaign has been started for those wishing to become homeowners from among the Emlak Konut GYO projects. Within the scope of this campaign there will be a deposit of 20 percent, followed by a further 10 percent paid in one year. The remaining figure will be divided into installments of up to 120 months and calculated at an interest rate of either 0.70 percent or one which is indexed to the CPI.

emlak konut campaign

On the other hand, the 2nd historic campaign of Emlak Konut has begun for those who have already bought residential properties from the projects included in the campaign, and are continuing to pay for these properties. According to this campaign, a 20 percent discount will be made to those who pay their remaining debt in advance. Both of these campaigns will be valid between 1-31 August.

Property projects within the sales campaign

“Adım İstanbul, Ağaoğlu Maslak 1453, Avrupa Konutları Başakşehir, Avrupark, Bahçekent Emlak Konutları dükkanlar, Bahçekent Emlak Konutları Ofisler, Bahçekent Flora, Başakşehir Emlak Konutları dükkanlar, Başakşehir Merkez Çarşı (MAKRO), Bulvar İstanbul, Emlak Konut Körfezkent dükkanlar, Esenler Emlak Konutları, Evora Denizli, Evora Tuzla 1. Bölge, Evvel İstanbul, Göl Panoroma Evleri, İstmarina, Karat 34, Koordinat Çayyolu, Metropol İstanbul, Nevşehir Emlak Konutları, Nidakule Ataşehir dükkanlar, Nidakule Kayaşehir, Park Mavera 1, Sofa Loca, Tema Şehir Konya, Tual Adalar, Tual Bahçekent, Park Mavera 2.”

Property projects within the discount campaign

“Ağaoğlu My Town Ispartakule, Ağaoğlu My World, Ağaoğlu My World Europe, Alemdağ Emlak Konutları, Atasehir Ticari Üniteler, Ayazma Emlak Konutları, Bahçekent Emlak Konutları 1-1, Bahçekent Emlak Konutları 1-2, Bahçekent Emlak Konutları 1-3, Burgazkent, Dreamcity Çerkezköy, Emlak Konut Başakşehir Evleri 1-1, Emlak Konut Başakşehir Evleri 1-2, Emlak Konut Başakşehir Evleri 1-3, Emlak Konut Başakşehir Evleri 1-4, Emlak Konut Başakşehir Evleri 2. Etap, Emlak Konut Ispartakule Evleri, Emlak Konut Ispartakule Evleri-2, Emlak Konut Mavişehir Evleri, Emlak Konut Pelikan Sitesi, Ergene Vadisi, Etimesgut Ticari Üniteler, Evora İstanbul 2. Bölge, Gebze Emlak Konutları 1, Gebze Emlak Konutları 2, Gebze Sosyal Tesis, Kent Plus Mimarsinan, Körfezkent 2, Körfezkent 3. Etap, Körfezkent 4.Etap, Maslak bürolar, Mimarsinan Ticari Üniteler, Misstanbul Evleri, My Towerland, Novus Residence, Parkyaşam Mavişehir, Selimpaşa Emlak Konutları, Soyak Mavişehir, Soyak Park Aparts, Spradon Quartz, Stüdyo 24, Sultanbeyli Emlak Konutları, Şehrizar Konakları, Tuzla Emlak Konutları-1, Tuzla Emlak Konutları-2, Varyap Meridian, Yıldızkent-2 ve Yıldızkent-3”.


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