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Property Sales to Foreigners to Reach 15 Billion Dollars

Property Sales to Foreigners
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The Turkish companies which took part in the Dubai Cityscape Real Estate Exhibition between 6-8 September, have come back happy. Akbal, the Vice-Chairman of Fuzul Yapı, who assessed the exhibition, said, “Trust has been restored. Sales to foreign nationals will reach 15 billion dollars.”

Gulf will invest more in Turkey

The Turkish construction companies, which took part in the Cityscape Global 2016 Exhibition – one of the leading real estate exhibitions in the world, which was held for the 15th time this year, in Dubai, have come back happy. The trust of investors from the Gulf in Turkey has been restored as a result of the mutual discussions held at the exhibition. Eyüp Akbal, the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fuzul Group, who assessed the Cityscape Global Exhibition, stated that they had taken steps towards a large project together with a group from Saudi Arabia. Akbal said, “Our partners have no worries. We are continuing our work from where we left off, but in a much stronger position. As Fuzul Group, we are undertaking our 1500 property investment in Başakşehir, without slowing down, with the consortium comprised of Seha Yapı and the Saudi Arabia based Al-Zamil Real Estate.” Akbal said, “I am of the opinion that with a stable government, real estate sales in Turkey will increase from 5 billion dollars to 10-15 billion dollars a year, and that the Gulf states will invest more in Turkey.

Eyüp Akbal, the Vice-Chairman of Fuzul Yapı

The 3rd bridge made an impact in Dubai

Akbal, who emphasized that the exhibition, in which 26 companies from Turkey took part, had prepared the ground for significant business links between the two countries, said, “Following the attempted coup and terrorist incidents experienced this year, Turkish companies have shown foreign investors that there is unity in our country and that the economy is soundly on its feet. Foreign nationals have seen the determination of the government to bring mega projects to life. You are building the 3rd bridge in Istanbul, but its impact is being felt in Dubai.”

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