Property Victims Protest with Coffins

A group of citizens who were wronged by 2 construction companies in Istanbul have taken part in a protest by burying coffins in the land.

A group of citizens in Istanbul took part in a protest against 2 construction companies to which they had paid between 70 and 200 thousand liras per person 5 years ago by burying coffins in the land. The reason for the protest was that they had been swindled by the construction companies in residential property projects.

5 year wait for a home ends in the grave

The citizens, who came together on the estate in Haramidere, where one of the projects was to be built, placed two coffins next to the two graves they had dug. On the coffins there was a written statement saying, “5 year wait for a home ends in the grave”. The citizens also carried a banner saying, “Our state is profound. TOKI should seize these estates. We will accept all proposals.”


Deceiving companies still sell property

Aydın Ağaoğlu, the honorary chairman of the Consumer Problems Association, alleged that the owners of the contractor companies which had deceived the citizens, were continuing to sell to people with promises that they were “building luxury properties”.

Following the statements, the people in the groups buried the coffins in the graves they had dug. The citizens also prayed after the coffins they had buried, together with İbrahim Bulut, who played the role of a symbolic imam.

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