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Quasar Istanbul Project

The joint venture between Viatrans Inc. – Meydanbey is opening the doors of Istanbul to Quasar Istanbul, a mixed cultural, arts and fashion center which will add value to Istanbul, on the estate of the old liquor factory in Mecidiyeköy, in the center of Istanbul.

The property project, which has positioned its vision as luxury beyond luxury, and which will make its name with the many ‘innovations’ it will bring, will flourish as the best culture, arts and luxurious residential center in Europe and Asia, in Mecidiyeköy.

Quasar Istanbul to bring along numerous innovations

Quasar Istanbul landscapeHaydar Özkan, the Chief Executive Officer of the joint venture between Viatrans Inc. – Meydanbey, said, “At Quasar Istanbul, we will bring together the approach to quality, perfection and comfort of Switzerland with the hospitality and cultural wealth of Turkey. In our project, we will transport the concept of luxury to beyond dreams. Our mature sycamore trees which we have brought in from Europe for the landscaping work of our sycamore woods, the fact that we have earned the right to receive the German Sustainable Building System Certificate DGNB – one of the most important certificates in the world in respect of green buildings – and the fact that we have brought the world renowned 5 star hotels and luxury residences chain Fairmont Hotels to Turkey is proof that we will be the center of ‘innovation’. These ‘innovations’ will continue with cultural and arts related activities. The best culture, arts and luxury residential center in Europe and Asia will soon appear in Mecidiyeköy.”

Fairmont Quasar IstanbulThe Quasar Istanbul project takes its name from the brightest star in the galaxy. It is comprised of an old liquor factory which will be developed into Quasar Residence, Fairmont Quasar Istanbul, Fairmont Quasar Residence, Fairmont Offices and a culture, arts and fashion center. On completion of the Quasar Istanbul project, the rising star of Istanbul will be located on a 23 thousand 700 square meter estate, the total construction area will be 189 thousand 620 square meters, and 257 residences ranging from 116 to 518 square meters and 58 offices, as well as a social area comprised of a total of 4 thousand 300 square meters consisting of 4 cafes and 17 outlets.

Mystical touches from the Dutch designer Marcel Wanders at Quasar Istanbul

Quasar Istanbul interior designThe Dutch interior designer Marcel Wanders, who is known throughout the world with his designs, will offer tailor-made exclusive designs at the Quasar Istanbul project. Wanders, who has pushed the limits of fantasy, has created the luxury residences within the framework of three different themes – Maison, Loft and Nest. While in the Maison theme, the bedrooms and living areas are separated from each other with precise lines, a larger area of use is offered to the individual in the Loft theme due to the panels which can be hidden inside the walls. In the Nest theme, the wet areas are placed in the middle as the core, and the functions are placed around them. This results in the capability to use every point within the home efficiently.

Quasar Istanbul Duplex Tier Gardens

Quasar Istanbul tier gardensQuasar Istanbul, the project of ‘innovations’, also stands out with its specially designed 5 thousand 789 square meter tier gardens. The duplex tier gardens possess an area of 180 square meters and are interconnected by the statuesque staircase which is the special design of Marcel Wanders. These gardens allow the residents of Quasar Istanbul an area to relax, entertain guests, and enjoy the all the beauties of nature within their homes. They will offer a magnificent view of the city from several meters high, together with scented flowers, bird sounds and the colors red and green.

Eternal Pool in the Center of Mecidiyeköy, Istanbul

The social area, which has been positioned 36 meters above the ground is comprised of an area of 4 thousand 300 square meters, and the designs of Marcel Wanders stamp their mark here as well. There is an eternal pool extending to an unequaled view of the Bosphorus on the terrace, which has panoramic views. The section which will serve as a pool during the summer season will be transformed into a sunken restaurant in the winter months.

Quasar Istanbul Statue Garden

Quasar Istanbul eternal poolOn the section of the 80 meter eternal pool which faces the city will be the statue garden of Quasar Istanbul. The garden will host gigantic statues on the archways which are covered in green plants as well as giant golden colored works of art which will be visible from the road.

The social area will have a bar which is chest level deep in water, and areas of use which have summer and winter themes. In this way, the chamber type boxes surrounding the pool during the summer will transform into jacuzzis in the winter, offering guests the Quasar Istanbul privilege with an approach which exceeds all boundaries in luxury.