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Real Estate is very valuable in Yalova

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The Turkish-Gulf Real Estate Investment and Cooperation Congress organized by Gulf-Eurasia Businessmen Association (KORİAD) in Turkey brought together the investors from Gulf and representatives of the Turkish real estate sector.

The congress started in Istanbul; then it was continued in Yalova. The congress brought together representatives from Gulf countries in Yalova and the investments to be made in Yalova were discussed during the congress.

The congress was held at Limak Yalova Thermal Boutique Otel in Termal sub-province and the opening remarks were rendered by Ali Demirhan, a businessman from Yalova who is the Chairman of the Board of Orient World. Demirhan said: “It is of great importance for us that you, our dear brothers, invest in our country so that Turkey, which has a stable economy, can maintain her stability in today’s world that is plagued by economic crises. Turkey is the guarantor of peace and serenity in the Middle East”.

Muhammed Mufarreh, Honorary Chairman of KORİAD and CEO of Daleel Group, also rendered a speech during the conference. Stating that they saw many large economies fall in decline whereas Turkish economy was developing in a stable manner, Muhammed Mufarreh emphasized the importance they attached to Yalova.

Yalova: An exceptional city for Real Estate investment

Esengül Civelek, Governor of Yalova said “Real estate in Yalova is very valuable. Yalova is a city with a high level of education and it has qualified labor. Yalova is located among three large industrialized cities and at the hub of the transportation network of these great metropolitan cities; it is also of great importance with respect to its geographical position. Yalova is a city that has been on the agenda on account of new investments in the field of industry in recent years due to the Gulf crossing and connected highway project. Yalova is an exceptional city where tourism emerged for the first time in our country, where thermal bath treatments were applied for the first time. Invest in Yalova, a peaceful, safe, livable city; it will make both you and us happy.”