Residential Opportunity Becoming More Widespread


The “low interest – more installments” campaign began by Emlak Konut GYO in 30 of its projects, which then 38 GYODER member companies also took part in with 56 of their projects, is growing. The number of property builders who are offering homeownership with a 20 percent deposit, 0.70 percent interest and 120 monthly installments before the end of August is increasing.

Sinpaş has removed deposits in 13 of its projects

Sinpaş Holding is organizing a campaign, which will be valid until 31 August, in 13 of its real estate projects. Sinpaş, which has reduced the monthly interest implemented for 120 monthly installments, from 1.15 percent to 0.70 percent, has also removed the requirement for a deposit. While one of the group companies – Sinpaş Yapı – is taking part in the campaign with its Sinpaş Palas, Altınoran, Marina Ankara, Aquacity Denizli, Liva and Köyceğiz projects, another – Sinpaş GYO – is supporting it with its Queen Central Park, Ege Vadisi, Aydos Country, İncek Blue, İncek Green, Ege Yakası and Bursa Modern projects.


Full support from Avrupa Konutları

The giant residential property campaign, which began with state support, and was then supported by GYODER, has also been adapted to the Avrupa Konutları Atakent 4 project by Artaş İnşaat. The campaign has also been started in Avrupa Konutları Atakent 4 following Avrupa Konutları Başakşehir. 20% of the value of the apartment is to be paid as a deposit and a further 10% on 15 August 2017, within the scope of the campaign. Credit is available for the remaining 70 percent. It is possible to become a homeowner in the project at prices starting from 444 thousand TL and interest rates of 0,42% up to 60 monthly installments and 0,70% up to 120 monthly installments. Artaş İnşaat, which is bringing to life its 14th Avrupa Konutları branded project with Avrupa Konutları Atakent 4 – which is comprised of 485 properties – is putting its name to an investment of 220 million TL.

avrupa konutları

Apartments for immediate completion in Halkalı, from Teknik Yapı

Teknik Yapı has also become included in the campaign with apartments which are available for immediate completion, at its Metropark project, in Istanbul Halkalı. The Metropark project is to be sold with a 20 percent deposit, 0.70 percent interest and installments for 10 years. The project consists of a total of 412 apartments and 20 commercial units. The Metropark project is located in a region which is surrounded by the main arteries, such as – primarily – the Tem Highway and the Mahmutbey Counters, Ataturk Airport, the Basın Ekspres Road and the Ataköy – İkitelli Metro Line. The project, which is situated in commercial regions such as İSTOÇ, the Marmara Industrial Complex, MASKO, Tekstil Kent and the İkitelli Organized Industrial Complex, possesses the advantage of being at the heart of the center, with its close proximity to shopping centers, schools and hospitals.


Mar Yapı on both sides

Mar Yapı is supporting the campaign directed at the mobilization of the sector with two projects – one each on the European and Anatolian sides. The campaigns at GYoo Inspired by Starck on the Güneşli Basın Ekspres Road and G Marin Managed by Divan in Bayramoğlu will continue until 31 August 2016. The properties within the scope of the campaign will be sold with a 20 percent deposit, 120 monthly installments and 0.70 percent interest. G Marin Managed by Divan is comprised of 556 apartments in low-storey buildings and with extensive green areas. The project contains 41 square meter studio apartments as well 1, 2 and 3 beds, with prices starting at 127 thousand liras. Mar Yapı has also brought together the world famous Yoo brand with the G project. Prices at the G-YOO Inspired by Starck project on the Basın Ekspres Road start at 340 thousand liras. The project, which is to be completed in September 2017, consists of studios, 1 beds and 2 beds, from 47 to 113 square meters.


İş GYO and Nef have made it four

İş GYO and Nef have become included in the “Collaboration in Real Estate for a Stronger Turkey” campaign began by GYODER, with a total of four projects, which are being undertaken either separately or jointly. The projects included in the campaign are the Inistanbul project, which is being built jointly by İş GYO and Nef, as well as the İş GYO Kartal Manzara Adalar, Nef Ataköy 22 and Nef Merter 12 projects. They are being offered for sale between 1-31 August at installments of up to 10 years and an interest rate of 0,70 percent. The prices at İnistanbul Hayat start from 381 thousand liras, while prices start from 387 thousand 500 liras at Manzara Adalar, 439 thousand liras at Nef Ataköy 22 and 302 thousand liras at Nef Merter 12.


Eroğlu is taking part with 4 projects

Eroğlu Gayrimenkul is taking part in the residential property campaign with four of its projects. Nurettin Eroğlu, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Eroğlu Holding, said, “We are participating in the residential property sales campaign of 0.70 percent interest and 120 monthly installments, which has been brought to life by GYODER, with our Skyland Istanbul, Harmony Towers, Merter Platform and Yeni Moda projects.”

skyland istanbul tt arena

Toya Yapı is offering opportunities in 6 projects

TOYA Yapı is taking part in the property campaign with the 6 projects it is developing. The campaign will continue until 31 August at the Qent İstinye, Toya Vista, Avcılar Park and Q Studio projects, the construction work of which has been completed, as well as at the Toya Downtown project in Mecidiyeköy and Toya Moda project in Sefaköy, where construction work is continuing. Buyers will be able to become homeowners with a 20 percent deposit, at 0.70 percent with installments of up to 10 years.

toya moda garden

Cathay is taking part with Nivo

The Cathay Group is taking part in the “Collaboration in Real Estate for a Stronger Turkey” campaign began by GYODER, with its Nivo Istanbul project, which is being built on Basın Ekspres. Nivo Istanbul will be comprised of one thousand 404 units in 6 blocks, with the total construction area reaching 200 thousand square meters. Nivo Istanbul has 1 and 2 bedroom apartment alternatives and will be completed in 2018. The prices of 1 bedroom apartments ranging from 50 to 80 square meters at Nova Istanbul start from 270 thousand liras, while 2 beds ranging from 85 to 147 square meters start from 380 thousand liras and 3 beds start from 660 thousand liras.

nivo istanbul

Gül has united the forces

Gül İnşaat, Gül Proje and Gül Yapı have put their name to a joint campaign. According to this, it will be possible to become a homeowner with a 20 percent discount or 20 percent deposit and 120 monthly installments at 0,70 percent interest, within the scope of the campaign. Among the projects of the three companies, which are included in the campaign are Kalekent, Güneşli Park Gardenya, ViraIstanbul, Kübist Park Residence, Gülpark Yaşam, Kavaklı Konakları, Eyüp Palas, Özgür Residence, Avcılar Park, Liv Büyükçekmece, Nursan Konakları and Liv Marmara.

gul proje basin express

Demir is offering a 25 percent discount

Demir İnşaat has started a campaign directed at the citizens who were killed during the attempted coup. The families of these martyrs will be able to become apartment owners without any deposit, and will also be given a 25 percent discount on top of this. The campaign, which will be valid at the Demir La Vida and Demir Romance projects, will be valid throughout August.

Demir La Vida Property Project


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