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Rising Star of Istanbul Real Estate Market

Rising Star of Istanbul Real Estate Market

Ayazağa – Cendere Valley – Seyrantepe axe, where many leading actors of the real estate sector took the stage from Artaş to Eroğlu, Nurol GYO to Tahincioğlu, is one of the most popular places of investors in recent period. While the factories leave their places to residential and office projects, the region is valued day by day with the strengthening of transport links, the planned informatics valley and the transformation of old settlements.


Due to its proximity to the Maslak region, which is stuck in terms of density, and its easy accessibility, Maslak is on its way to become an alternative settlement area. In recent years, it has been pointed out that, in addition to the quality projects that exist together with the realization of large land sales, the region is in the construction phase and that the region will increase its attraction even further.

Cendere valley

Cendere Valley, which is part of Sarıyer and belongs to Kağıthane, is a region with education, information and technology legend according to the plans of 2011. Real estate values are rising in a region where existing industries, storage, logistics units are moving and transformation is accelerating. In addition, in view of the important investments and developments such as the Cendere Valley Renovation Project and Kağıthane Metro work, it is thought that the appearance of the Maslak – Ayazağa region will change in the coming years and the transportation opportunities to the region where these immovables are located will increase.


Seyrantepe, located in Kağıthane district, with its the buildings on the street suitable for trade those on the inside for residential purposes, is an area appealing to the middle income group. It is thought that the Seyrantepe subway stop, which is connected to the Hacıosman-Yenikapı subway line, is connected to the centers on the subway line in question. This enables suitable conditions for families with 4-5 people as well as for the university student profile in terms of living in the region. In addition to the large-scale investments made by the state in the region, there is a great interest in the private sector as well, and qualified mixed projects have begun to be built.

Future of the region

With B, B + and A income level projects being developed in the region, Ayazağa – Cendere Valley – Seyrantepe axe is in demand especially by white collars. The region is expected to be one of the city’s attractions in the coming periods with its need for new and qualified mixed projects and its proximity to bridges and central business districts.

In order to facilitate the transportation of the region, the construction of the subway between Kabataş and Mahmutbey is planned to passing by Kağıthane. In addition, the region can be connected to both the E-5 and TEM. Apart from this, there is also a project to make a light railway line which was done in the period of Enver Pasha. With Cendere’s rehabilitation, it is aimed to be reached from the river in the coming years. Assembly of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality decided on January 14, 2011, 350 hectares of land in Cendere to be the Valley of Informatics. In this context, it was aimed to build housing for 70 thousand people with techological facilities.The factories located in the Cendere Valley are also expected to be removed by 2020 and centers to improve education, information and technology will be established. When the project is over, it is planned to employ 30 thousand people in the region.

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