Rotamavi Kartal Project Released for Sale


The presentation of the 188 property “Rotamavi” project, being brought to life by APG İnşaat Yatırım, with a 120 million lira in Kartal, was carried out with the press conference held at Four Seasons Hotel.

Murat Kalsın, the Chief Executive Officer of APG İnşaat Yatırım, who spoke at the press conference, provided details related to the project. Rotamavi project, which is being brought to life in Kartal with all of the apartments having views of the seas and the islands, stands out with its close proximity to the E-5 Highway and its location on the TEM – Samandıra Kartal link road.

Apartment prices exclusive to the launch begin from 239 thousand liras

rotamavi-project-murat-kalsinMurat Kalsın, the Chief Executive Officer of APG İnşaat Yatırım, stated that the apartment prices at the project began from 239 thousand liras, exclusively for the launch period, and said that the apartments would be completed in September 2017 and that they were expecting a 30 percent increase in value in one year. There are 193 independent units at Rotamavi project, with 188 of these being residential properties and 5 being home-offices. The square meters of the properties within the project range from 3 thousand 400 to 4 thousand liras.

30 percent profit guarantee

Kalsın, who stated that they had sold ten percent of the properties within the project so far, said that they were expecting an increase in value of 30 percent in one year. There are 4 types of apartments – 1, 2, 3 and 4 beds – at Rotamavi project, which has views of the sea and the islands. The whole of the project is facing the sea and the south, while there are also apartments with large terraces and special loft apartments.

Square meter ranges of the apartments at the Rotamavi project are as follows:

1 beds – 62 to 80 square meters

2 beds – 90 to 123 square meters

3 beds – 153 square meters

4 beds – 280 square meters


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