Home Advertorial SeaPearl Ataköy | The New Address for those Living in Grandeur

SeaPearl Ataköy | The New Address for those Living in Grandeur

SeaPearl Ataköy | The New Address for those Living in Grandeur
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A luxury life is rising on the last seafront estate of Istanbul, in Ataköy.

Kuzu Group, which has brought to life countless real estate projects both domestically and abroad since 1943, and which is one of the pioneering brands of the sector, not only with its exemplary projects, but also with its qualified labor force and technical infrastructure, continues to shape the living standards of the future from today with SeaPearl Ataköy, the project with the highest revenue potential it has developed.

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SeaPearl Ataköy: A life not close to the sea but nested within it

SeaPearl Ataköy, rising like a pearl drop on the most valuable coastal strip of Istanbul, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is leaving those that see it enchanted with its seafront location.

The privilege of transport by sea

SeaPearl Ataköy, which not only presents a view of the sea but also the unequalled pleasure of living nested within the sea, offers the opportunity to reach wherever you want to go by sea, without losing time in the Istanbul traffic with its position on the most valuable coastal strip of the city.

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The enchantment of the sea sparkle will emerge here

SeaPearl Ataköy, which is the only premium seafront project of Istanbul rising on the most valuable estate in Turkey, offers you the opportunity of hosting your friends on the sea shore and enjoying pleasures of the sea sparkle. Together with this, being neighbors with one of the most prestigious hotels in the world and taking advantage of privileges offered specially for you, and watching the sunrise at Natural Park and reliving yourselves of the weariness of the day with evening walks in baroque gardens, stand out as the privileges of the project.

Private social areas for the use of each block

There are private fitness centers, yoga rooms, relaxation areas as well as children’s playgrounds, walking and running tracks, tennis courts, a streetball pitch, pedestrian walkways, a biological pond, observation island and baroque style landscaping areas for the private use of each block at SeaPearl Ataköy.

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An uninterrupted view of the sea

Elements such as water and the green texture are being spatially included in daily life within the project. The landscaping design structure of SeaPearl Ataköy is revealed through the interpretation of modern and traditional in the same pot. The landscaping plan decisions in the project are inspired by gardens and old palaces, which carry baroque traces. The dominance of the color of the soil, which begins from the lower levels of the building, are transformed into light grey and blue tones the higher you go, presenting a concept which integrates it with the sea and reduces the effect of the mass. The aspects of the building are being approached with a modern interpretation of Turkish culture and tradition in order to capture the culture of a modern city. The imposing entrances on the rear aspects, which overlook the existing Ataköy settlement areas, are designed with quality materials, and this architectural approach is clinched with a modern interpretation of the Seljuk star, constituting the fundamental structure of the aspect.

A mega property project of Istanbul

Özen Kuzu, member of the Board of Directors of the Kuzu Group, said that SeaPearl Ataköy, the only premium seafront project of Istanbul with an investment value of close to 2 billion 700 million dollars, had been brought to life in 2 stages. Kuzu stated that the square meter unit prices in the 1st stage project, which has a construction area of 217 thousand square meters, a 6 thousand 185 square meter pond area, and 33 thousand square meters of green areas and walking tracks, began from an average of 7 thousand 200 dollars.

Özen Kuzu says,

The construction and sales process is continuing at full pace within the project. Completions in the first stage are planned for July 2017. The first stage is comprised of 4 blocks of 20 floors each, and a total of 631 units. The types of apartments in this stage range from 1 beds to 4,5 beds, with their sizes ranging from 88 to 398 square meters. SeaPearl Ataköy is known as the mega project of Istanbul with its location, social facilities which are filled with privileges and architecture which brings a new meaning to luxury.

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Close proximity to transport axes

SeaPearl Ataköy, which is 2 km from Atatürk airport, is connected to the TEM via the E% and Basın Express main roads. The project, which is being built 25 km from the FSM Bridge, 17 km from the Bosphorus Bridge and 1 km from Ataköy Yachting Harbor, can be reached directly through Rauf Orbay Bulvarı, also known as the coastal road. The project, which stands out with its close proximity to the Galeria, Capacity, Carousel, Marmara Forum, A Plus and Flyinn shopping centers, is also situated close to the World Eye Hospital, Acıbadem Hospital, the International Yeşilköy Hospital and the Bakırköy State Hospital.

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