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Serdar Inan: Real Estate is the Petrol of Turkey

Serdar Inan İnanlar properties
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Serdar Inan, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of İnanlar Properties, who made a statement about the large amount of interest taken by foreign nationals in real estate in Turkey, said that real estate investments had the potential to change the face of Turkey.

Serdar Inan İnanlar propertiesSerdar Inan stated that the Arab world and the Middle East, Central Asia, the Balkans and the Caucasus were preferring Turkey for real estate. He said that if the approach to urban planning and architecture is developed in Turkey, then real estate within the country could be better marketed overseas.

Serdar Inan said, “Real estate is as important to Turkey as petrol is to the Arab world,” and continued as follows: “In the world, the real estate market is valued at 1 trillion 100 billion dollars. The American share of this market is 80 billion dollars –and they are said to be in a crisis. Turkey’s share is around 3 billion dollars per annum. That is to say, Turkey has taken the opportunity to achieve a turnover of around 3 billion dollars in the real estate sector in the last 10 years. Until now, people coming from abroad have invested between 2 – 3 billion dollars in Turkish real estate. This is in fact a very low figure for a country like Turkey, which possesses such a great demand. That is why I will say that we need to raise the brand value of the cities in Turkey, and we must develop the architecture and approach to urban planning in Turkey.

The second homes of overseas residents will be here. They will invest here. Maybe, there will be marriages and partnerships here.”

Serdar Inan also referred to the status of Turkey in the international arena, saying, “I see real estate as an important gateway in terms of Turkey opening up to the world. This advantage needs to be utilized in the best possible way. That is because real estate is the petrol of Turkey. This needs to be seen in this way.”