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Sinpaş Altınoran Project Meydan (Square) Phase Released for Sale

Sinpaş Altınoran Project Centenary Square
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Sales of the Meydan (square) phase, which has been fitted out with great privileges in the heart of Altınoran, comprising the Yüzyıl Meydanı (centenary square) and the 1923 and 2023 towers, symbolising the establishment of the republic and its great aims in its 100th year, have begun.

Sinpaş Altınoran project is rising in the most prestigious region of Ankara

Altınoran project, for which the building work in Çankaya Oran, the most prestigious region of Ankara is continuing to experience great interest both from the residents of Ankara, and also from the whole of Turkey, with its social facilities and project characteristics which are the first in the region. Sales of the Meydan (square) phase, which is comprised of two towers and one luxury residential block standing out with its location which is in close proximity to the square, and overlooking all of the social facilities, has started.

Sinpaş Altınoran TowersThe 1923 and the 2023 towers which symbolize the establishment of the Republic and its aims in its 100th year, is being seen as a candidate as the new center of business and social life in Ankara. The 1923 and 2023 towers which are being built in Yüzyıl Meydanı, within Altınoran, offer a life full of comfort and privileges, both in private and in business life. The towers also provide 24 hour security, reception, concierge and optional technical consultancy, dry cleaning, housekeeping, catering and organisation services. The 1923 and 2023 towers, with their 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, and spacious 4 and 5 bedroom penthouses are being built right at the heart of Altınoran.

More than 100 sales through pre-requests

There are a total of 474 apartments at the Altınoran towers more than 100 of which have been sold through pre-requests before actually being offered for sale. The towers contain different types of apartments ranging from 1 beds to 5 beds, and from 81 to 500 square meters in size.

The 1923 and 2023 towers are taking strides towards becoming the new symbol of Ankara, and they are being built in Altınoran square, right in the very center of the social life. When life begins on Yüzyıl Meydanı (centenary square), where the towers are located, it will become one of the important squares of Ankara, almost on a par with Times Square in New York, San Marco Square in Venice, and Taksim Square in Istanbul.

Two Exclusive towers rising at the heart of Altınoran

Sinpaş Altınoran project towersAltınoran, the new center of business and social life in Ankara, is offering a luxury residence life full of comfort and privileges – both in your business, and in your private life – with the 1923 and 2023 towers which are being built in Yüzyıl Meydanı. The 234 home Kent residence, which surrounds the towers, is also in Yüzyıl Meydanı, in the center of Altınoran. As soon as you step out of your homes, you will be met with shopping areas, cable cars, water canals, water displays, outlets, cafeteria, restaurants, an ecological market, and concerts and activities which are to be organised in the square.

Altınoran brings new features to Ankara for the first time

With the lake and shopping areas in the middle of the property project, together with the islands in the internal gardens, the yards, water canals, outlets, cafeteria and restaurants, the rich plant cover spreading out over the approximately 620 thousand square meter recreation area on the edge of Imrahor Valley, which is at the center of the new project; the ski piste, children’s valley and ice skating, Altınoran gives Çankaya, the center of Ankara, a new lease of life. The aim is for Altınvadi (golden valley), where 100 thousand trees are to be planted, to become the new source of oxygen for Çankaya. Once the project is completed, the experience of walking in the sky with Skywalk will be offered, and access to the recreation areas will be provided by cable cars.

48 month Zero Interest Payment Opportunity at Altınoran

Prices at Altınoran project vary between 223 thousand TL and 2 million 643 thousand TL. 48 month zero interest payment terms are being mostly preferred in the sales carried out by the company, with installments starting from 1.635 TL. First phase completions at Altınoran are planned in August 2014, second phase in December 2014, third phase in March 2015, and fourth phase in May 2015, with the Meydan phase planned for November 2015.

Find out more information about Sinpaş Altınoran project at www.sinpasaltinoran.com.tr