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Sinpaş August Campaign Surprise for Ankara

Sinpaş August Campaign Surprise for Ankara
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The ‘Live Happily Turkey’ campaign began by Sinpaş GYO for the purposes of contributing to the further revival of the economy, is seeing great interest. The gust of the Aegean which Sinpaş GYO has carried to Ankara continues to make the residents of the capital city happy in August, with installments starting at 3.190 TL.

Applications have risen 5 fold

More than 4 thousand consumers, who wished to become homeowners with advantageous credit interest of 0.39% and 0.70 percent, as well as different payment alternatives, have made applications to the Sinpaş GYO sales offices and call center. The number of daily calls to the Sinpaş GYO Call Center (telephone no: 444 1 440) have increased by five fold since the campaign was announced.

The most popular campaign in recent years

Avni Çelik, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sinpaş Holding, stated that the low cost campaign with installments of up to 10 had brought an intense amount of briskness to the sector:

As the sector, we have made the sacrifices that were required of us and prepared a campaign which makes buying properties even easier for our clients. We have started the ‘Live happily Turkey’ campaign. We have received thousands of applications and converted sales worth 20 million TL to contracts in just 3 days. With ongoing discussions, our offices and call center are endeavoring to meet this extraordinary demand.

ege vadisi sinpas

Ege Vadisi brings Aegean breeze to Ankara

Ege Vadisi, the new project of Sinpaş GYO in Ankara, is coming to life in Çankaya Oran, one of the most prestigious and valuable locations of the capital with its authentic architecture and the legendary charms of the Aegean. Ege Vadisi, which has received great interest since the day it was offered for sale, is carrying the cooling breeze of the Aegean to Ankara with its 10% + 5% discount exclusive to the launch and “0.70 percent for 120 months and 0.39 percent for 60 months credit advantages”.

The project, which contains the first and longest tropical pool of Turkey with the retractable system which allows sunlight inside, will ensure that the residents of Ankara will enjoy the pleasures of swimming and the sandy beach of the pool 365 days a year. Children will also be very happy at the Ege Vadisi project offering a healthy lifestyle alongside tranquility with facilities such as the first Four Seasons Beach of Ankara, its first family spa and wellness center.


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