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Support from Aşçıoğlu with Selenium Projects

Support from Aşçıoğlu with Selenium Projects
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Aşçıoğlu has given support to Emlak Konut, which began a large campaign aimed at ensuring that the growing and developing economy does not come to a stop after the events of the evening of 15 July, by putting its name to a campaign which will continue until 15 September 2016.

Within the scope of the campaign, Aşçıoğlu is offering the opportunity to become a homeowner at Selenium Retro, which is to be completed in June 2017, with 20 percent deposit and 120 monthly installments at 0.70 percent interest. Selenium Retro is being built in Ataköy, one of the oldest centers of settlement in Istanbul, where the company is also building Selenium Ataköy, which is due to be completed this September.

Early completions at Selenium Ataköy

Selenium Ataköy, which stands out with its unusual aesthetic and eye-catching elliptic architecture, will be delivered to its owners from September. Selenium Ataköy, which is expected to be one of the most prestigious projects in the region, comes to the fore with its social facilities suited to every need, from its pocket cinema to its library, its meeting rooms to its cafeteria, its children’s playground to its fitness area and squash courts and its swimming pools, alongside the spacious life offered by the high ceilings and use of windows.

Retro Touches identified with its name at Selenium Retro

Selenium Retro

Selenium Retro, the second concept project of Aşçıoğlu in Ataköy, is comprised of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments ranging from 68 – 97 square meters. Selenium Retro, which is being built with a concept which includes bay windows and balconies in line with the need for more lighting and more spacious locations, is also identified with its name by carrying the Retro touches of the past. It is a preference among those wishing to live in smaller areas, with its existing architectural concept. The project will add color to the life of the residents of Selenium Retro with its wellness center (SPA), fitness center, multi-purpose sports areas and children’s playgrounds, as well as a swimming pool, sunbathing terraces and café & bistro venues.


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