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Syrians to be Given Turkish Citizenship

Syrians to be able to Buy Properties
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President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced the good news that following lengthy work, the Syrian citizens residing in Turkey would be given the right to receive Turkish nationality. The process for this is to be finalized after the Eid holiday, with the most interesting aspect of it being that the Syrians will be able to set up businesses, employ others, buy properties and be registered on the official title records, and of course become taxpayers, just like the citizens of the Republic of Turkey.

Citizenship conditions

This process will be of close interest to the Syrians who escaped the war and came to Turkey, and who have lived here for 5 years. Information on how they will be able to benefit from the process will be announced in detail. Of course, those who wish to do so will be able to become citizens of the Republic of Turkey here. Criteria such as being able to speak Turkish, displaying the wish to live here and not giving rise to any danger in the areas of health and security, will be sought.

Can even become a member of parliament

On the other hand, the priority in the route map of the government on the matter is to take concrete steps directed at housing and employment. Of course, whatever subsidies and other opportunities are being offered to tradesmen, producers and industrialists, the same will be offered to the Syrians who become citizens of the Republic of Turkey. The possibility of buying properties with bank loans may even come on to the agenda. According to the official records, there are around 2 million 750 thousand Syrian nationals in Turkey. If the procedure works in a healthy manner, a large part of these are expected to apply for Turkish nationality. The Syrians who do obtain the right to become Turkish nationals will be able to work in the official authorities and organizations, and even have the right to become headmen, mayors and even members of parliament if they decide to become candidates and are elected. They will also become obligated to pay all types of taxes from income tax to corporation tax and from property taxes to value added tax.

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