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Tarlabaşı360 Project at Qatar Cityscape

Tarlabaşı360 Project at Qatar Cityscape
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Tarlabaşı360, which is preparing to meet investors from the Gulf with a different concept, with its retail and living areas, is putting its historic roads, architectural structure and street on display at Qatar Cityscape, which is being organized between the dates of 26-28 April.

The roads of Tarlabaşı360 will meet investors from Qatar

Tarlabaşı360, which is positioned in a location parallel to İstiklal Caddesi, in the center of Istanbul, is distinctive from other current real estate projects, in many ways. Tarlabaşı360, which stands out in particular due to its location, goes much further than the production of just offices and luxury residences, bringing a historic value which was about to be lost, back to Istanbul. The roads of Tarlabaşı360 are being built in a manner which is in keeping with the historic architecture of the old Istanbul, and being garnished with art galleries, restaurants and cafeteria. Tarlabaşı360 is situated in the Taksim region, which is the center of attention of Gulf investors, and possesses an abundant whiff of history. The streets of the project will be meeting investors from Qatar at the exhibition.


Feyzullah Yetgin, a Member of the Board of Directors of Çalık Gayrimenkul, made the following statement concerning the exhibition: “Tarlabaşı360 is coming to life at the very heart of Istanbul, with a great deal of effort and endeavor, and after being processed like lace. This is a unique project, which is the first and largest urban transformation project being carried out under a public – private partnership. Luxury residences and offices are usually built in this region. We are different. We are endeavoring to bring back to life a history which was about to be lost, and bring an existing treasure back to our country in the most modern style possible, here.”

“We are being closely monitored by investors from the Gulf”

Feyzullah Yetgin, a Member of the Board of Directors of Çalık Gayrimenkul

Yetgin, who emphasized that investors from the Gulf had been focusing on Tarlabaşı360 from the very first day, said, “Istanbul retains its appeal to foreign investors during every period. Taksim is a center of attraction. Tarlabaşı360 is the first address that comes to the mind of foreign nationals, with its position right next to İstiklal Caddesi. We are not just building luxury residences and offices; we promise a life concept in the real sense, with our historic roads and streets.”

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