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Teknik Yapı 0.25% Interest Rate Campaign to Continue until Eid

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Teknik Yapı Flies in the Face of Rising Interest Rates

Teknik Yapı, which has reduced interest rates to 0,25 percent with the slogan of “Refreshing Campaign”, has decided to support its customers and extend the campaign to Eid, despite the interest rates of home loans rising to 1,10 percent based on the political and economic cycle.

Teknik Yapı - Umut Durbakayım Umut Durbakayım of Teknik Yapı, who stated that interest rates, having started to rise again due to the fluctuations in the international money markets and the increase in the exchange rates and the early election, were concerning home buyers, and said that Teknik Yapı had decided to take clear steps during this uncertain period. Umut Durbakayım, announced that the campaign, which had been prepared for one month, has been extended to the end of Eid. Within this scope, he said, “We have made a decision to support our customers in the face of interest rates for home loans increasing to 1,10 percent levels. Within the scope of the campaign we have prepared, we have reduced this rate to as low as 0,25 percent, based on the number of installments, for our customers who will use credit from contracted banks, and we will keep this rate fixed until the end of Eid.”

Three-in-One Opportunity Package

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Teknik Yapı has made the three in one advantage campaign comprised of “low interest”, “postponing the deposit” and “discount”, for the apartments in its Evora Istanbul, Metropark and Concord Istanbul projects, even more attractive by providing refrigerators and air conditioners as gifts.

Under the most important part of the campaign, the “LOW INTEREST” opportunity, Teknik Yapı will provide special assistance to interest rates for 36, 48 and 60 monthly installments, for the bank loans used up to a maximum of 75 percent of the price of the apartment, in accordance with the home loans legislation.

Teknik Yapı, which has made the payment terms more attractive, has also included the “POSTPONING THE DEPOSIT” opportunity in the same option. Accordingly, those who use home loans of 75% of the price of the apartment from contracted banks will be able to pay just 10% of the 25% deposit they are required to pay in accordance with the home loans legislation, during the term of the contract, with the remaining 15% being paid one year after the date of the contract.

On the other hand, the alternative opportunity within the campaign is the “DISCOUNT” opportunity. A discount of 12% will be given to those wishing to purchase an apartment from any of the three select projects of Teknik Yapı with full cash payment, or by paying the 25% deposit immediately and using 75% home loans at the “base rates of interest”.

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