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Teknik Yapı Has Launched 3+1 Days Campaign at Evora Istanbul

Evora Istanbul campaign
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Having launched a special campaign for families with children and those who do not want to give up on large flats, Teknik Yapı offers 10 percent discount on only 100 of the 3+1 flats within the Evora Istanbul project.

Evora Istanbul campaignTeknik Yapı is launching a different campaign in connection with Evora Istanbul project made up of 5072 independent units that it is building in Tuzla, the new center of attraction of Istanbul. An interest of 10 on only 100 of the flats in the configuration of 3 + 1 at Evora Istanbul project is offered under the assurance provided by Emlak Konut GYO (REIT).

Stating that they had prepared this campaign for families with multiple children and those who do not want to give up on their habit of living in a large flat, Umut Durbakayım, Assistant Manager of Teknik Yapı Holding emphasized that four great advantages are offered in one package.

Pointing out to the fact that Evora Istanbul rose on a hill overlooking the visual landscape of Tuzla offering opportunities for investment and accommodation in one package, Umut Durbakayım stated the following claim: “Built on the highest spot of Tuzla around a hill overlooking the sea, Evora Istanbul will become the hub of this area once completed.”

Umut Durbakayım underlines that the orders for all materials were completed at the start of the project; therefore, the materials used in the exemplary flats are exactly the same as in all the flats in the projects.

Evora Istanbul Offers ‘Three + One Advantage’ in One Package

The campaign that is offered as ‘3+1 Advantage’ enable 100 dedicated flats in 3+1 format to be purchased with a 10 percent discount and 1 percent down-payment. Furthermore, it is also possible to receive loans with interest rates starting at 0.72 percent.

If 1 percent down-payment is paid, 24 percent of the price of the flat can be paid at terms of 6, 12, 18 months with zero interest rate. Besides, it is also possible to benefit from different payment terms ranging from 12 months to 120 months at the interest rate of 0.72 percent, the lowest housing loan interest in the sector.

Advantage in a Range of 20-30 Thousand TRY

Specifying that they offered an advantage in a range of 20-30 thousand TRY for flats offered as part of the campaign ‘3 + 1 Advantage’, Umut Durbakayım said: “When the 10 percent discount calculated for every flat is combined with the interest rate of 0.72 percent which corresponds to a price advantage in the range of 20-30 thousand TRY”.

70 percent of Flats at Evora Istanbul have Sea View

With 70 percent of flats having a sea view, Evora İstanbul is featured among the largest projects of Turkey with 5 thousand 72 independent units. The construction area of 850 thousand sqm and leasable area of 500 thousand sqm make it the project with the largest scale in Turkey. The project consists of 4 thousand 655 residential units, 314 residences and 103 retail spots. Furthermore, the other remarkable features of the project include an outpatient clinic, a kindergarten, a sports center, a rustic cafe, a charging station and a parking lot of 7 thousand 500 vehicles.

To find more information about Evora Istanbul project, visit www.evoraistanbul.com

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