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Terrace Feri Project in the Heart of Istanbul

Terrace Feri project
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Designed by İnanlar Properties based on the Terrace concept and still in construction phase, Terrace Feri project is located closely to every part of Istanbul.

Terrace Feri Project is Close to Nişantaşı, Beyoğlu and Taksim

Terrace Feri projectPositioned at a very short distance from Nişantaşı, Beyoğlu and Taksim, the beating heart of social life, Terrace Feri is ideal for those who do not want to be detached from advantages offered by modern urban living. It is surrounded by Bomonti-Feriköy, the quarter of historical, cultural buildings of Istanbul on the one side and Nişantaşı, the quarter of elite way of living with its crowded, vibrant street life, trendy stores, galleries, cafes and stylish shop-windows on the other side.

Made up of 85 flats in total, Terrace Feri project is being constructed in two blocks of 5 floors each.

The prices of the flats in the Terrace Feri project are as follows:

49 sq m studio flats for prices starting at 295.000 TL,

65 sq m 1+1 flats for prices starting at 375.000 TL,

114 sq m 2+1 flats for prices starting at 665.000 TL.

For more information about Terrace Feri project: www.terraceferi.com

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